Rogers Leads Canada’s 5G Evolution with Cloud RAN and Expanded Coverage

Rogers Communications, a Canadian telecommunications giant, has launched a groundbreaking trial of 5G cloud-radio access network (cloud RAN) technology in collaboration with Ericsson. This significant milestone was marked during a Toronto Blue Jays game on Canada Day, representing the first commercial deployment of cloud RAN at a live event in Canada, as revealed in a recent company press release. This initiative builds on Rogers’ 5G standalone (SA) core network, initially unveiled in 2021. According to Ron McKenzie, Rogers’ Chief Technology and Information Officer, cloud-native technology is crucial for the next generation of wireless networks, and deploying it successfully at such a large public event indicates meaningful progress.

Advancing 5G Capabilities

This effort positions Rogers to substantially enhance technological capabilities and network reliability while also improving energy efficiency to meet imperative sustainability goals. Currently, Rogers boasts a 5G network that spans over 2,300 communities across Canada, heralding a new era of connectivity. Recently, the company also tested 5G network slicing technology nationally, another pioneering step for the country. Conducted in partnership with Ericsson, these tests aimed to allocate dedicated network slices, particularly for first responders, while also distinguishing between fixed and mobile traffic. This strategy facilitates the expansion of 5G wireless home internet to rural and remote regions, laying the groundwork for more inclusive digital access.

With the acquisition of the 3.8 GHz spectrum during Canada’s 5G spectrum auction in November 2023, Rogers complemented its existing 3.5 GHz spectrum holdings. This acquisition fortifies Rogers’ commitment to leading in telecommunications, addressing the connectivity needs of urban, rural, and Indigenous areas alike. The introduction of cloud RAN, renowned for its potential to streamline network operations and cut down costs through easy scalability and flexibility, offers Rogers a competitive edge. However, it also requires substantial initial investments and a significant shift from traditional network maintenance practices. This move underscores Rogers’ comprehensive strategy to transform its network infrastructure fundamentally.

Strategic Spectrum Acquisitions

Rogers’ advancements in 5G technology reflect its dedication to delivering robust, efficient, and reliable connectivity across Canada. As the demands of both consumers and businesses continue to grow, Rogers’ strategic initiatives—including expansive 5G coverage, successful technology trials, and significant spectrum acquisitions—underscore its leading role in the Canadian telecommunications landscape. Their comprehensive approach ensures that Rogers not only meets current connectivity demands but also anticipates future needs. With 3.8 GHz and 3.5 GHz spectrum holdings, Rogers has positioned itself to be a central player in the Canadian market, enhancing connectivity across diverse geographical areas, including urban centers and remote rural locales.

The focus on cloud-native technologies highlights Rogers’ commitment to innovation and adaptability. The cloud RAN deployment represents a forward-thinking approach that aligns well with the industry’s evolution towards more flexible and scalable network solutions. This shift is not merely about technological advancements but also about redefining operational efficiencies and long-term sustainability. By embracing cloud-native technologies, Rogers is setting a robust foundation for enhanced connectivity and improved network efficiency, all while aligning its efforts with global sustainability objectives. This holistic strategy solidifies Rogers’ reputation as a pioneer in the realm of telecommunications, paving the way for a future where seamless connectivity is a tangible reality for all Canadians.

Rogers Communications

Rogers Communications, a major player in Canadian telecommunications, has embarked on an innovative trial of 5G cloud-radio access network (cloud RAN) technology in association with Ericsson. This milestone was highlighted during a Toronto Blue Jays game on Canada Day, signifying the first commercial deployment of cloud RAN at a live event in Canada, as per a recent press release from the company. This initiative extends Rogers’ 5G standalone (SA) core network, which was initially launched in 2021. Ron McKenzie, the Chief Technology and Information Officer at Rogers, emphasized that cloud-native technology is fundamental for advancing the next generation of wireless networks. He pointed out that deploying this technology successfully at such a large-scale public event shows significant progress. The trial aims to enhance network performance, flexibility, and efficiency by leveraging cutting-edge cloud-based technology, paving the way for future advancements in Canada’s telecommunications landscape. This successful deployment underscores Rogers’ commitment to innovation and leadership in the rapidly evolving field of 5G technology.

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