Cloudflare’s Project Galileo: A Decade of Defending Democracy

In an era where digital threats loom large over public interest organizations, Cloudflare has been the silent guardian through its Project Galileo. Established in 2014, this cyber defense initiative marks a significant milestone, celebrating ten years of steadfast service in providing free-of-charge DDoS protection. More than 2,600 entities worldwide, including vital minority rights groups, human rights defenders, journalists, and democracy initiatives, have found sanctuary under the protective umbrella of Project Galileo. Facing an unfathomable average of 96 million cyber threats daily, these organizations find in Cloudflare a staunch ally, shielding them from the digital onslaught that imperils their very existence.

Guarding the Guardians

For public interest entities, the digital world is a double-edged sword – a platform for advocacy and a battleground against relentless cyber attacks. Project Galileo by Cloudflare stands out as a crucial enforcer in this landscape. In its latest reporting year, from May 2023 to March 2024, the project impressively intercepted a staggering 31.93 billion cyber threats, punctuating the necessity of its mission. Among these threats, the fierce DDoS attack on the independent journalism website Meduza, clocking in at 7 million requests per second, became a testament to the proficiency and potency of the defenses shaped by Project Galileo.

The reality for many of these groups is operating with minimal human resources; 46% have staff counts between one to ten people, and a mere 36% boast dedicated cybersecurity experts. Cloudflare’s assistance is not just beneficial but the lifeline keeping the mission of these under-resourced organizations from faltering under the weight of cyber threats. These organizations, inherently focused on societal betterment, would otherwise be stymied, their important voices silenced by the dark alleys of the cyber world without Project Galileo’s proactive fortress.

A Unified Front Against Cyber Threats

At a time when digital dangers cast shadows over organizations serving the public good, Cloudflare’s Project Galileo stands as an unsung hero. Launched in 2014, this cyber defense program now commemorates a decade of unwavering protection, offering vital DDoS mitigation services at no cost. Project Galileo extends its safeguarding canopy to over 2,600 groups globally, including those championing minority rights, human rights activists, journalists, and pro-democracy movements.

These beneficiaries, targeted by an astounding average of 96 million cyber threats each day, regard Cloudflare as a dedicated protector. The initiative guards them against the relentless cyber assaults that threaten their operations and, in many cases, their survival. As Cloudflare’s Project Galileo hits its ten-year mark, it continues to affirm its commitment to the safety and support of those fighting on the digital frontlines for critical societal causes.

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