How to Boost the Utilization of Marketing Content by Your Sales Team

Marketing content is one of the most valuable assets for driving sales. However, research has shown that up to 70% of marketing assets produced by companies are not being used by their sales teams. This can result in lost opportunities and decreased revenue. In this article, we will explore the reasons why sales teams do not use marketing content and outline effective strategies to incentivize sales staff to maximize their content utilization.

Reasons why sellers may not use marketing content

Sales representatives may not use marketing content if they feel it is not relevant to their customers or does not align with their sales approach. To address this, marketing teams should work closely with sales teams to create ideal buyer profiles and develop content that meets their needs.

Sales representatives may not be aware of newly produced marketing assets, resulting in a lack of content utilization. To address this, marketing teams can implement an onboarding process for new employees and ensure easy access to new marketing assets.

Sales representatives may face difficulty in locating or retrieving specific content pieces. To streamline the process, companies should invest in sales enablement technology or platforms that allow for easy content organization and access.

Sales representatives may not understand how to use newly produced content. Providing clear instructions and demonstrations can help increase the organization’s adoption and utilization of new marketing assets.

The importance of peer recommendations in content usage among sellers

Sellers are over two times more likely to use marketing-created content if it is recommended by a high-performing peer. For this reason, marketing teams should seek the involvement of high-performing sales staff in promoting the use of new marketing assets.

The impact of high-performing peers on promoting content usage

Sales representatives are much more likely (61%) to use content when they learn about it from a high-performing peer rather than sales leaders or marketers. Additionally, sellers are significantly more likely (111%) to use content after watching a high-performing peer provide basic details and demonstrate how to use the content. These findings underscore the value of assigning content promotion responsibility to high-performing sales staff.

The significance of creating a plan for using new marketing content

Sales teams that create a plan for how they will use newly produced marketing collateral are much more likely (98%) to use those assets. Sales leaders should engage with sales representatives to develop a content utilization plan and track progress regularly.

The role of high-performing sellers in promoting the usage of content

Companies should consider enlisting their high-performing sellers to provide coaching and training to get the organization comfortable with a new marketing asset. Peer-led training programs may help to advance the utilization of new marketing content across the organization.

How to help sellers plan for content utilization:

– First, identify the key messages or selling points that the content should convey to the target audience.
– Then, determine which content formats (such as blog posts, videos, social media posts, etc.) would be most effective for delivering those messages.
– Set a publishing schedule for the content, taking into account the timing and relevance of industry events or trends.
– Ensure that the content is optimized for search engines and that it includes clear calls-to-action for potential buyers.
– Finally, establish a system for measuring the success of the content (such as website traffic, social media engagement, or lead conversions) and use those metrics to refine future content plans.

Developing sales personas with buyer profiles is a great way to achieve this goal. Aligning messaging and figuring out how pieces fit together, such as industry thought leadership, specific solutions, related case studies, and growing markets may help create complete campaigns.

By implementing the strategies outlined in this article, companies can significantly increase the utilization of marketing content by their sales teams. Encouraging high-performing sales staff to participate in new marketing initiatives, creating a content utilization plan, and ensuring consistent training can drive greater adoption and revenue generation across the organization.

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