How Will “Accelerate with Confluent” Boost Data Streaming?

As the need for real-time data management and seamless operations becomes integral to the digital-first business approach, Confluent, Inc. steps up with its latest initiative aimed at systems integrators (SIs). The newly launched “Accelerate with Confluent” program is designed to cultivate proficiency in Confluent Professional Services and to empower partners to provide comprehensive data streaming solutions.

Empowering Partners Through “Accelerate with Confluent”

Cultivating Expertise in Confluent Professional Services

The program’s primary goal is to enhance the capabilities of SIs by offering them in-depth knowledge and skills in implementing Confluent’s suite, which is anchored by Apache Kafka®, the leading platform for handling data in motion. Confluent’s robust set of tools and features are engineered to improve developer productivity, support scaling efforts comprehensively, and meet demanding architectural requirements. This drive for excellence comes at a time when companies are shifting towards providing exceptional customer experiences and requiring dependable platforms that can manage data extensively and instantaneously.

Enabling Effective Delivery of Data Streaming Solutions

“Accelerate with Confluent” not only focuses on enriching technical knowledge but also on refining the delivery mechanisms of SIs. It does this by presenting different engagement models such as Co-Delivery, Strategic Staffing, and support for the development of long-term data strategies. This initiative is crucial for the SI community, enabling it to embed Go-To-Market (GTM) solutions earlier in the sales cycle and utilize updated tools available in the Confluent Partner Portal. The program thereby anticipates boosting the effectiveness of the SI ecosystem and its ability to navigate the evolving landscape of data streaming services.

Bolstering Real-Time AI Applications with Confluent

Advancing the Data Streaming Market

Confluent’s strategic offering, particularly its “Data Streaming for AI” initiative, is positioned at the heart of driving the next wave of AI advancements. The integration of Apache Flink® with Confluent Cloud lays the foundation for real-time data processing, which is crucial for developing AI-driven data streams. As the data streaming market experiences substantial growth, Confluent provides a 99.99% uptime SLA and a wealth of engineering expertise to support companies in capturing the full potential of this expanding domain.

Collaborative Innovation in Data Streaming

In a move to bolster real-time data management and operations, Confluent, Inc. has introduced its “Accelerate with Confluent” program. This initiative is targeted at systems integrators (SIs) to deepen their expertise in Confluent Professional Services, enabling them to offer robust data streaming platforms to their clients. Data streaming is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses that are transitioning towards a digital-centric model. As such, Confluent’s new program aims to provide partners with the necessary tools and skills to implement Confluent’s streaming technology effectively. This will not only enhance the partners’ service capabilities but also ensure that businesses can leverage real-time data for improved decision-making and operational efficiency. By aligning with Confluent, systems integrators will be better equipped to meet the evolving demands of the digital landscape.

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