OVHcloud Boosts AI Prowess with New NVIDIA GPUs and LLMs

In an age where artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the landscape of technology, OVHcloud has taken a significant leap forward with the expansion of its AI offerings. At their Adopt AI event in France, the European cloud services provider unveiled a suite of new NVIDIA GPUs, alongside accessible open-source Large Language Models (LLMs), designed to enhance and diversify its Public Cloud capabilities. This development is not just about adding firepower to their servers; it’s about transforming the AI workload landscape with technologies built to handle sophisticated model training and inference.

Powering AI Workloads

The inclusion of NVIDIA’s #00, A40, and the L40 GPUs in OVHcloud’s portfolio marks a strategic move to address the burgeoning demand for advanced AI processing. Specifically, the A40 GPU is a standout, offering exceptional AI computing proficiency coupled with robust graphics and media processing strength. It’s engineered to support not only LLM tasks but also intensive applications such as 3D rendering. Such versatility aligns perfectly with OVHcloud’s mission to provide powerful, yet flexible cloud solutions that can cater to a wide variety of AI-driven needs.

OVHcloud’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art services is further manifested in the introduction of new Bare Metal servers. The HGX-AI-2 is a behemoth outfitted with dual AMD EPYC 9354 processors and capable of housing up to eight NVIDIA A40 GPUs. This powerhouse is ideal for not just AI and machine learning (ML) workloads, but also high-performance computing demands. Boasting up to 2 TB DDR4 memory, these servers balance stellar computational capacity with a nod to environmental sustainability, housed within eco-friendly data centers that underscore OVHcloud’s dedication to conscientious tech advancement.

Streamlining AI Utilization

In the realm of technological evolution, OVHcloud is making strides with its bolstered AI solutions. During the recent Adopt AI event hosted in France, the cloud computing giant, renowned in Europe, launched a new range of NVIDIA-powered graphics processing units. They complemented this hardware upgrade with the introduction of user-friendly, open-source Large Language Models (LLMs). These advancements are strategically aimed at broadening the scope of their Public Cloud services. What sets this initiative apart isn’t just the superior performance of their computing resources, but rather the transformative impact on AI workloads. OVHcloud’s latest move promises to revolutionize the way complex AI tasks like sophisticated model training and intricate data inference are managed, thereby signaling a new era in cloud-enabled artificial intelligence capabilities. This milestone underscores OVHcloud’s commitment to driving innovation and accessibly scaling the power of AI technology.

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