Nokia and Kyndryl Extend Edge and Network Collaboration with a Focus on Industry 4.0, LTE, and 5G Wireless Services for Global Consumers

Nokia and Kyndryl, two of the leading names in networking technology and IT infrastructure, have announced a three-year expansion and extension of their edge and network collaboration. This partnership aims to focus on developing Industry 4.0, LTE, and 5G wireless services for global consumers.

Expansion and extension of collaboration

The announcement of the extension and expansion of the Nokia-Kyndryl partnership is excellent news for businesses looking to optimize their networking technology and IT infrastructure. This expansion aims to focus on delivering the best services and solutions for Industry 4.0, LTE, and 5G wireless services globally.

Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) advanced accreditation

Kyndryl’s Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) Advanced accreditation status will play a crucial role in strengthening this partnership. The accreditation will help businesses leverage accelerated network deployment capabilities and expert practitioners to optimize the use of Nokia’s services and products.

The Nokia DAC is a private wireless networking solution that is a game-changer for businesses with critical operations that depend on quality connections. Kyndryl’s Advanced Accreditation will further enhance Nokia’s cloud services’ security and performance, helping them to stand out from their competitors.

New device management services will be revealed at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023

Nokia and Kyndryl are well-known for their innovation in networking technology, and they are going to unveil brand new device management services at MWC 2023. This new offering promises to be another game-changer for businesses that rely on industrial devices, with automated provisioning software based on Nokia’s XR20 line.

Auto-provisioning software for industrial-grade devices

Kyndryl’s new auto-provisioning software is based on Nokia’s XR20 line, which is known for its industrial-grade quality. This software aims to enhance the XR20 line’s functionality by streamlining the process of getting devices up and running, making it easier for businesses that rely on these devices to maintain connectivity.

Driving the Industry 4.0 Transformation with Speed and Scale

Nokia and Kyndryl’s partnership has already shown some success in deploying private wireless for customers, including Dow, over the past 12 months. This success has led to an expansion to drive Industry 4.0 transformation across all industries with speed and scale, which is excellent news for businesses looking to thrive in the current technological climate.

Innovation Lab in North Carolina

One of the ways that Nokia and Kyndryl are looking to drive innovation is by developing an innovation lab in North Carolina to support edge and wireless in a multi-factor zero-trust model. This model emphasizes the organization’s capability to keep the system secure and operational in all circumstances.

Leadership in Networking Technology and IT Infrastructure

Nokia and Kyndryl are both leaders in networking technology and IT infrastructure. This partnership places them in the ideal position to offer innovative solutions for businesses globally.

This expansion represents a significant step towards fulfilling a broader vision of global innovation and Industry 4.0 transformation. Nokia and Kyndryl’s joint pursuit of the latest advancements in networking technology and IT infrastructure is highly promising, and it can only mean good things for businesses looking to secure their future in a highly competitive market.

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