Hitachi Partners with Google Cloud to Enhance AI Solutions

In a significant move that underscores the burgeoning role of artificial intelligence in modern business, Hitachi has announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud. The alliance is poised to fuel innovation and amplify enterprise productivity by harnessing the power of generative AI. At the heart of this venture is the formation of a new business unit within Hitachi, tasked with exploiting AI models, notably Gemini and Vertex AI, to conquer industry-specific hurdles. This initiative is an integral part of Hitachi’s digital blueprint, Lumada, which already blends data analytics with AI in its quest to transform enterprises digitally. The combined expertise of GlobalLogic, a seasoned subsidiary of Hitachi with considerable digital engineering prowess, will spearhead the Hitachi Google Cloud Business Unit and the Google Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE).

Scaled Collaboration and Expert Training

Building on a robust 15-year history of cooperation, GlobalLogic and Google Cloud are expanding their partnership with a heightened objective: to escalate the deployment of Google Cloud technologies across a broader spectrum of enterprise clients. Recognizing the critical role of human expertise in the optimal utilization of technology, the alliance places a high priority on education through Hitachi’s GenAI Professional training program. This program aspires to inculcate an advanced understanding of Google Cloud’s AI offerings among professionals, thus deepening the talent pool equipped to navigate the AI landscape within corporate settings.

This transformative collaboration envisions the proliferation of generative AI solutions particularly designed for software modernization and elevated customer service. Hitachi anticipates leveraging the prowess of Gemini models to rejuvenate outdated software infrastructures while integrating Google Cloud Contact Center AI to enrich the customer service experience. Furthermore, Hitachi’s Virtual Storage Platform One is set to amalgamate with these AI innovations, creating a hybrid cloud ecosystem that stands ready to embrace generative AI applications to their fullest potential.

Integrated Sales and Engineering Efforts

Hitachi and Google Cloud are aligning efforts, unifying their sales, marketing, and engineering might to advance AI project deployments for clients. Their collaboration has set an ambitious target: training over 50,000 professionals in Google Cloud’s AI tech, highlighting Hitachi’s dedication to a skilled workforce. Both leaders herald this partnership: Hitachi’s EVP Toshiaki Tokunaga foresees it unleashing Google Cloud’s AI for innovation and boosting productivity, Nitesh Banga of GlobalLogic sees it as a strategic move for fluid solution delivery and revenue acceleration, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian emphasizes its commitment to excellence in AI projects.

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