DigitalOcean Launches Malware Protection for SMBs on Cloudways

In our increasingly digital world, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are finding themselves vulnerable to a host of cyber threats that lurk in the shadows of the internet. With recent data indicating that a third of businesses fell victim to cyber breaches or attacks in 2023, the urgency to shore up digital defenses has never been greater. In response, DigitalOcean has unveiled a cutting-edge Malware Protection add-on for its Cloudways platform, specifically engineered to enhance security for SMBs. This proactive measure arrives in a climate where malware episodes are not just common but are escalating with daunting frequency.

A New Frontier in Malware Protection

The Imunify360 Advantage

The strength of this new service lies in its utilization of Imunify360, a sophisticated security solution known for its vigilance against the digital underworld. DigitalOcean’s foray into bolstered security with this add-on ensures that companies are not just alerted to looming threats but are also equipped with real-time detection capabilities. It systematically eradicates any malicious code it discovers, focusing on popular PHP-based applications. This sweep includes widely-used platforms like WordPress and Magento, as well as frameworks such as Laravel and custom PHP applications. Precisely tailored to the applications that power today’s online businesses, this add-on is designed to be a formidable shield against the threats that plague these essential tools.

Accessibility and Affordability for All

Acknowledging the paramount importance of cybersecurity, Suhaib Zaheer, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cloudways at DigitalOcean, has been at the forefront of crafting user-friendly solutions that safeguard online business operations without complexity or undue expense. The Malware Protection add-on is praised by DigitalOcean’s CISO, Tyler Healy, not just for its seamless integration but for embodying the effective security features of Imunify360 within the platform’s architecture. What’s more, this essential security add-on comes with a refreshing price tag—starting at $4 per application per month. It’s a strategic investment that delivers peace of mind, making advanced malware protection accessible and affordable for all businesses, including those on tight budgets. Digital agencies and freelancers can also take advantage of bulk pricing options, underscoring DigitalOcean’s commitment to protecting the broader digital ecosystem.

Secure and Performant Hosting Solutions

DigitalOcean’s Cloudways Platform

The addition of the Malware Protection service enriches DigitalOcean’s Cloudways platform, a suite designed with managed cloud hosting solutions that don’t compromise on performance, security, or reliability. Developers, startups, and e-commerce businesses depend on Cloudways not only to host but also to improve their digital experiences. By enhancing its defenses with the new security add-on, Cloudways promises its clients a worry-free environment that, until now, seemed to be a privilege only enjoyed by larger organizations with deeper pockets. It’s a statement that resonates with SMBs worldwide: robust, enterprise-level security features are now within reach, ensuring their digital properties can thrive in a perilous landscape.

Affordable, High-Level Security for SMBs

In the realm of our digitally dominated era, it’s becoming clear that small to mid-sized enterprises are increasingly exposed to a plethora of cyber threats that exist in the darker corners of the web. Surveys from 2023 reveal a startling statistic: about one in three companies experienced cyber breaches or assaults. Such figures underscore the critical need for bolstered online defenses. DigitalOcean has stepped up to address this urgent issue, rolling out an advanced Malware Protection feature for its Cloudways platform aimed squarely at amplifying the security for SMBs. This strategic addition is particularly pivotal in an environment where malware incidents have surged beyond being merely common occurrences to a near-constant menace. These digital dangers are evolving with challenging intensity, making this timely initiative by DigitalOcean an essential tool in the cyber safeguarding arsenal for businesses navigating the ever-expanding digital landscape.

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