AIA New Zealand’s Ambition for a Healthier, Better-Protected Nation

As the world becomes more complex, multinational insurance and finance corporation AIA New Zealand aims to help transform the country into one of the healthiest and best-protected nations globally. Achieving such a goal entails various challenges, including building internal cohesion for IT success, encouraging diversity in tech roles, dealing with resistance to change, and embracing continual transformation. In this article, we discuss AIA New Zealand’s ambition and the steps the company takes to realize it.

AIA New Zealand has the ambition to create a healthier and better-protected nation. As a company, it aims to be a partner of choice for life, health, and well-being solutions, believing it can help New Zealanders live healthier, happier lives by providing prompt access to expert medical care and affordable health protection. AIA New Zealand is embarking on multiple efforts to achieve this goal and make health protection more accessible and affordable.

Building a Cohesive Internal Culture for IT Success

To achieve its goals, AIA New Zealand recognizes the importance of building a cohesive internal culture for IT success and achieving personal and professional objectives. To foster this culture, the company provides employees with opportunities to learn, grow, and develop. It offers training and mentoring support to help employees develop the skills they need to succeed in their roles, and acknowledges employee contributions while celebrating successes.

Efforts to Encourage Diversity in Tech Roles

AIA New Zealand is encouraging people of diverse backgrounds to join tech roles. The company works with IT training and development accelerator Mission Ready and TupuToa to develop talent from the Māori and Pasifika communities. By providing opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds, AIA New Zealand can tap into a broader pool of talent, foster innovation, and build a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

The Role of the Executive Team in Setting a Shared Vision

The executive team and the CEO play prominent roles in setting a shared vision for AIA New Zealand. The leadership team establishes a set of clear goals and objectives that guide the company’s operations. They work to align employees’ work with the company’s vision, values, and goals to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal.

Dealing with resistance to change in technology

While technology can help AIA New Zealand achieve its goals, there is often resistance to change. To deal with this resistance, the company encourages participation in change management and takes into account employee concerns. They strive to create an environment of trust and transparency where employees feel comfortable voicing their concerns and have a stake in the company’s success.

Emphasizing the need for continual improvement in transformation, AIA New Zealand recognizes that transformation is an ongoing process with no end date. The company encourages employees to continue challenging themselves to disrupt old systems and embrace new ones continuously.

The Challenges of Maintaining System Stability and Availability

As a company that provides life, health, and wellbeing solutions, AIA New Zealand faces the challenge of maintaining system stability and availability. The company must ensure that its systems are reliable and available to customers 24/7, while also dealing with the disruptions caused by new technologies.

The Importance of Embracing Continuous Transformation

AIA New Zealand recognizes that continuous transformation is essential for its growth and success. The company encourages its employees to embrace change and to continuously challenge themselves to be better. By embracing continuous transformation, the company can stay relevant and ahead of the competition.

The ambition of AIA New Zealand to create a healthier and better-protected nation is commendable. Achieving such a goal requires the company to build a cohesive internal culture for IT success, encourage diversity in tech roles, set a shared vision, deal with resistance to change, embrace continual improvement, maintain system stability and availability, and embrace continual transformation. By taking these steps and acknowledging the challenges that come with them, AIA New Zealand can turn its ambitions into reality.

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