Background Checks: The Importance of Verifying Job Candidates

Hiring new employees is an important decision for any organization. A positive hiring decision can strengthen an organization, while a negative hiring decision can cause serious harm. One of the most important things that employers can do is have complete information at their disposal before making a decision. This is where background checks come in.

The Importance of Having Complete Information Before Making a Hiring Decision

Employee background checks have become increasingly important for employers. A background check can provide employers with information about a job candidate’s criminal record, education, employment history, and other important details. This information can be used to make informed hiring decisions.

Verifying job candidates’ credentials

Employers need to be confident that the information provided by a job candidate on their resume is accurate. Conducting a background check can help verify the authenticity of a candidate’s credentials, such as employment and education history. This can prevent employers from hiring individuals who have misrepresented themselves.

Jobs that require close and unsupervised access to sensitive information

Consider the roles in your company that require employees to have close – and often unsupervised – access to personal financial information, medical and health records, prescription drugs and controlled substances, homes, and offices. Employees in these roles must be trustworthy and have a strong background.

The cost-effectiveness of DIY background checks

Many employers opt for DIY (do-it-yourself) background checks because they are often less expensive than using an outside vendor. Employers can search public records, social media, and other sources for information on a job candidate; however, there are limitations to DIY background checks.

The Limitations of DIY Background Checks

While DIY background checks may be less expensive than using an outside vendor, they are often less comprehensive. Most background check services have experienced professionals who know where to look for sensitive public information that a DIY process is likely to miss.

Background check investigations and their personalized approach

Background check investigations are an alternative to DIY checks. These investigations are comprehensive and personalized candidate reviews that offer a detailed window into who they are, both professionally and personally. They provide a thorough review of a job candidate’s criminal history, credit history, education, and employment history.

The Consequences of Hiring the Wrong Person

Poor customer service, bad press, and even legal action can result from hiring the wrong person, especially if their role interacts with sensitive information or high-profile customers. Taking the time to verify a job candidate’s credentials through a background check can help prevent these consequences.

The variety of resources available for conducting background checks includes

Employers have several options when it comes to conducting background checks. They can complete them internally without special training, use highly skilled and expensive external vendors, or work with a combination of both resources.

The Risk of Hiring the Wrong Person and the Importance of Preventing It

Business owners and HR directors must consider the risk of damage or ruin to a company if a job candidate turns out to be a liar and a bad hire – and this could have been prevented. Taking the time to conduct thorough background checks can help prevent hiring the wrong person and the potential negative consequences.

FCRA compliance is required for employers performing background checks

Employers must maintain FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliance when performing background checks to ensure that job candidates are informed of the background checks and that their rights are protected.

In conclusion, employers must take the time to verify a job candidate’s credentials through a background check. The consequences of hiring the wrong person can be severe, and taking the time to conduct thorough background checks can prevent these consequences. Employers have several resources available for conducting background checks, and it is important to maintain compliance with the FCRA throughout the process.

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