Adobe and RainFocus Join Forces for Enhanced User Personalization

The events industry has been steadily growing and has now become a significant part of the marketing mix. As such, the demand for smarter, data-driven solutions has also risen. Adobe, a leader in marketing software, has partnered with RainFocus, an event marketing technology company, to bring event marketing technology into its customer data platform. This partnership aims to boost marketing relevance and personalization at events, in a bid to deliver more targeted and effective experiences for attendees.

RainFocus Platform: Tracking Attendee Engagement and Aggregating Data

RainFocus’ platform is designed to track attendees’ engagement with a company’s various events and aggregate the data. The platform is capable of tracking attendee participation, such as the sessions they attended, the speakers they heard, the booths they visited, and other activities they took part in. The platform captures and organizes data from various touchpoints in the attendee’s journey, providing a holistic view of the attendee’s engagement. The platform also eliminates the need for manual data inputting, which is prone to errors and is time-consuming.

Adobe Experience Platform (AEP): Consuming and Organizing Data for Analytics and Visualization

Adobe’s Experience Platform (AEP) is a customer data platform designed to consume, organize, and manage vast amounts of data collected from various sources. AEP enables marketers to utilize data for analytics and visualize users’ digital experiences better. AEP’s unified profile provides a 360-degree view of the customer, including their preferences, interests, behaviors, and interactions across all channels.

Benefits of Partnership: More Relevant and Personalized Experiences for Each User

Adobe and RainFocus aim to produce, at scale, more relevant and personalized experiences for each user. RainFocus’ data collection and aggregation tools take advantage of user participation occurring at events to analyze users’ preferences, interests, and behavior. This pairing of data, combined with Adobe’s powerful analytics and personalization capabilities, enables marketers to deliver hyper-personalized experiences at scale.

Lassoing Data: Using Zero- and First-Party Data to Improve Marketers’ Efforts

Together, RainFocus and Adobe harness zero- and first-party data generated at events to bolster marketers’ efforts and, ideally, make the user experience more specific for each customer. The partnership combines RainFocus’ data collection and processing tools with Adobe’s segmentation and personalization capabilities, allowing marketers to deliver personalized experiences using event data.

Integration with Journey Builder: AI-backed technology for demographic segmentation and customer engagement

Adobe’s Journey Builder tool uses AI-backed technology for demographic segmentation and customer engagement collection in Marketo Engage, Adobe’s automated marketing platform. It will be interesting to see how RainFocus integrates with Adobe’s Journey Builder tool to enhance its capabilities further. The integration of event data with Journey Builder would enable marketers to deliver hyper-personalized experiences based on the customers’ interests, preferences, and behaviors across channels.

The partnership between Adobe and RainFocus brings new possibilities to the events industry, enabling marketers to deliver more targeted and effective experiences at scale. By harnessing event data, marketers can move beyond generic messaging and deliver personalized content and offers that resonate with attendees. This partnership will also enable marketers to dig deeper into event data, providing a better understanding of their attendees’ preferences and interests, and helping them identify new ways to engage with them. The partnership between Adobe and RainFocus is expected to have a significant impact on the event marketing technology industry, and marketers would do well to explore how they can leverage the partnership to deliver more targeted and effective event experiences.

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