Is Falcon’s Growth Soaring with Percipience’s Data Magnifier?

Falcon Insurance Group, recognized for its niche in high-risk personal auto policies, has taken a significant leap forward by incorporating Percipience’s Data Magnifier into its operational framework. This strategic move is marked by the fusion of Percipience’s advanced analytics with Falcon’s existing systems, marking a milestone in insurance data management. The insurer’s proactive approach, distinguished by its choice for a solution renowned for swift deployability and all-encompassing analytics, signals a new era in their business intelligence capabilities. Spearheaded by Falcon’s Chief Technology Officer, Brandon Miller, the improbably quick integration—from selection to live production in under six months—is not just a testament to Data Magnifier’s agility but also sets a benchmark for industry peers.

With Data Magnifier’s system-agnostic nature, Falcon’s current Diamond suite from Insuresoft dovetails neatly into this powerful analytics platform. The insurer’s command over their data remains unyielded, thanks to the extensible framework of Data Magnifier. It not only enables a seamless initial setup but also cultivates an environment for self-sustained or supported growth in analytical functions. This level of autonomy in data control and feature expansion is a lucrative asset for Falcon, ensuring that it remains adaptable and agile amidst a shifting industry landscape.

Bruce F. Broussard Jr., Managing Director at Percipience, champions this collaboration, heralding an era where cloud-based, real-time analytics are no longer a luxury but a necessity for business proliferation. Falcon’s enlistment into Percipience’s portfolio heralds mutual benefits; as Falcon hones its competitive edge through incisive data analysis, Percipience extends its expertise in managing both environment and applications via their SaaS platform. By spearheading such a transformative venture, Falcon not only bolsters its growth trajectory but also sparks a narrative for a groundbreaking analytics-driven paradigm in the insurance sector.

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