Advocacy Marketing: Why It’s Essential and How to Do It Right

In the world of marketing, word of mouth is perhaps the most potent tool that a brand can leverage. It’s why influencer marketing is such a big hit – people trust recommendations from individuals they know and look up to. However, what if you could harness that same power from actual customers? That’s the beauty of advocacy marketing.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the benefits of advocacy marketing and how to create a strategy that will help you build a base of loyal brand advocates.

The benefits of advocacy marketing

1. Increased spending among loyal customers.

Your most loyal customers tend to be the ones who spend the most on your brand. They are also, more often than not, the ones who are most likely to tell their friends and family about you. By focusing on advocacy marketing, you are encouraging this behavior and amplifying it.

2. Positive Reviews and Increased Brand Awareness.

Apart from personal recommendations, online reviews of your brand are one of the most critical factors that potential customers consider before making a purchase decision. By encouraging your customers to become advocates, you increase the likelihood that they will leave positive reviews and boost your brand’s overall visibility and reputation.

3. 650% return on investment (ROI).

According to a study done by Zuberance, brands see a return of 6.5 times for every dollar invested in advocacy marketing. It is an incredibly cost-effective strategy that yields significant results.

How to create an advocacy marketing strategy

1. Providing an excellent product or service.

The foundation of any successful advocacy marketing strategy is providing your audience with an outstanding product or service. This doesn’t mean creating something revolutionary; it merely means delivering something that does what it promises and lives up to (or exceeds) customer expectations. Your product or service is the starting point of the customer experience, and it’s where you’ll begin to establish trust and loyalty.

2. Delivering an Unforgettable Brand Experience.

In today’s world, buyers are looking for more than just an excellent product or service; they want a brand experience. They want to be engaged, entertained, and feel like they’re part of something special. An unforgettable brand experience can include anything from interactive content to personalized messaging – all with the goal of creating a memorable moment that fosters emotional connections.

3. Operating with a customer-first mentality.

The customer should always be at the heart of everything you do, and it’s essential to keep that in mind when developing an advocacy marketing strategy. By prioritizing their needs and providing value at every touchpoint, you’ll be more likely to encourage customers to recommend your brand to others.

4. Collaborating with Marketing and Sales.

Your advocacy marketing strategy is closely tied to your overall marketing and sales efforts. It’s crucial to work together to identify opportunities for customer advocacy in your campaigns, whether it’s through social media, email marketing, or events. By collaborating, you’ll be able to amplify the impact of your advocacy marketing efforts.

5. Making it easy for customers to become advocates.

It’s not enough to hope that your customers will become advocates; you need to make it easy for them to do so. Encourage them to share their positive experiences, provide them with incentives for referrals, and make it easy for them to leave reviews on social media and other review websites.

6. Giving Your Customers a Voice.

Last but not least, giving your customers a voice is perhaps the most important part of an advocacy marketing strategy. Don’t just tell your customers what your brand values are; listen to their feedback and incorporate it into your campaigns. By doing so, you’ll create a sense of ownership and loyalty that are invaluable to any brand.

Advocacy marketing is about building relationships with your customers and encouraging them to share their positive experiences with others. By focusing on providing an excellent product or service, creating an unforgettable brand experience, operating with a customer-first mentality, collaborating with marketing and sales, making it easy for customers to become advocates, and giving your customers a voice, you’ll be on your way to building a loyal base of brand advocates that will drive growth and success for your business.

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