Unleashing the Power of AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs: Der8auer’s Mycro Direct Die Cooler Outperforms AIO Liquid Cooling Systems

Der8auer, a German overclocking expert and computer hardware designer, recently unveiled his latest project, the AM5 Mycro Direct Die cooler. The new cooler is specifically designed for the AMD Ryzen 7000 series desktop processors and is expected to offer top-notch thermal performance, making it an exciting prospect for overclocking enthusiasts and regular PC users alike.

The Design of the AM5 Mycro Direct Die Cooler

The key feature of the AM5 Mycro Direct Die cooler is that it rests directly on the processor die. This design allows for more efficient heat transfer, resulting in better cooling performance compared to traditional cooling systems that use an intermediary heatsink.

The AM5 Mycro Direct Die cooler is the brainchild of the world-renowned overclocker, Der8auer. Known for designing and testing extreme cooling solutions for high-performance computers, Der8auer’s involvement in the product’s creation reinforces its high-quality and performance expectations.

Performance comparison results

According to Der8auer, the AM5 Mycro Direct Die cooler offers optimal thermal performance in comparison to all-in-one (AIO) liquid coolers in its class. The direct contact design allows for superior heat dissipation, resulting in lower CPU temperatures.

Manufacturing and lighting choices

The AM5 Mycro Direct Die cooler is made of high-quality acrylic and offers both RGB and non-RGB lighting options. The use of acrylic provides durability and longevity while also allowing the LED lighting to shine through and enhance the product’s appearance.

Precision surface of the heat spreader

The AM5 Mycro Direct Die cooler features a separate heat spreader that is built with a mirror-like diamond-milled precision surface. This surface provides a superior surface for the processor, eliminating bending and ensuring a solid and stable mount.

During testing, Der8auer used an AMD Ryzen 9 7900X CPU and stressed it up to 90°C. The AM5 Mycro Direct Die cooler showed a remarkable ability to lower the temperature of the CPU to a stable 65°C, demonstrating its superior thermal performance.

Comparison with a 280mm liquid cooler

In a demonstration video, Der8auer paired the AM5 Mycro Direct Die cooling solution against a 280mm liquid cooler. During the test, the AM5 Mycro Direct Die cooler showed superior performance by maintaining lower CPU temperatures throughout the test.

Availability and pricing

The AM5 Mycro Direct Die cooling solution is not yet available but it is expected to be released soon, with prices starting at €140 for the RGB variant and €100 for the non-RGB style. Although the price is steep, it offers a promising trade-off for better cooling performance than traditional solutions.

Compatibility with the Der8auer High-Performance Heatspreader

The AM5 Mycro Direct Die Water Block is designed to work seamlessly with the high-performance heat spreader also designed by Der8auer. This compatibility ensures optimal performance and easy integration into existing high-performance PCs.

Overall, the AM5 Mycro Direct Die cooler offers promising features that can benefit anyone looking for better thermal performance. With its direct die cooler design, mirror-like heat spreader surface, and compatibility with the Der8auer high-performance heat spreader, it has the potential to provide its users with unparalleled performance and stability.

For those interested in gaining early access to the AM5 Mycro Direct Die cooler, Der8auer’s Patreon channel offers opportunities to stay up-to-date on the product’s development and access to the product before its official release. Additionally, his YouTube channel provides detailed insights and overclocking tips for those interested in pushing their PCs to their limits.

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