The Revival of the Rotating Bezel in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro

Samsung is one of the leading tech giants in the world, famous for its innovative products ranging from smartphones to wearables. In the world of wearables, Samsung has established a strong position with its Galaxy Watch series. The Galaxy watches have been praised for their advanced features and unique design, including the rotating bezel, which has become a trademark feature of the series. However, the latest Galaxy Watch5 series introduced a virtual rotating bezel instead of the physical one, leaving fans disappointed. But it seems like Samsung has listened to the feedback and is bringing back the physical rotating bezel with the Galaxy Watch6 Pro.

The Unique Rotating Bezel of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Series

The Samsung Galaxy Watch series was one of the earliest smartwatches to offer a physical rotating bezel. The rotating bezel provides an intuitive way to navigate through the watch’s menus, providing a responsive and more tactile interface. The rotating bezel is one of the defining features of the series, and users appreciate its functionality and ease of use.

Removal of the Physical Rotating Bezel from the Latest Watch5 Series

With the Galaxy Watch5 series, Samsung changed course and replaced the physical rotating bezel with a virtual one. The company touted the virtual bezel’s benefits, citing increased screen real estate and a more streamlined design. However, many customers were disappointed with the change, citing the virtual bezel’s lack of responsiveness and functionality.

Leak by Noted Tipster Ice Universe on the Return of the Rotating Bezel with the Galaxy Watch6 Pro:
According to the noted tipster Ice Universe, Samsung is planning to bring back the physical rotating bezel with the Galaxy Watch6 Pro. Ice Universe has a history of accurate leaks, and this news has generated a lot of excitement among Samsung fans. The physical bezel is expected to offer the same level of functionality and ease of use as the previous generation models, providing a more responsive and tactile interface.

Samsung’s Launch of Watch5 and Watch5 Pro with a Virtual Rotating Bezel

Despite the lack of a physical rotating bezel, the Galaxy Watch5 series was still an impressive lineup of wearables. The Watch5 series was launched in August 2020 and featured a range of new features and improvements, including an improved display and new fitness tracking options. The watches also sported a virtual rotating bezel that allowed for seamless navigation through the watch’s interface.

Leakster’s Revelation on the “Rather Narrow Bezel” of the Watch6 Pro

Ice Universe has also revealed that the Watch6 Pro will have an even narrower bezel than its predecessor. This could indicate that Samsung is planning to include a larger screen size or reduce the body size while maintaining the same screen size. A larger screen size would benefit users who enjoy consuming media on their smartwatches, while a reduced body size would provide a more comfortable and streamlined user experience.

Similar rumor from South Korea

Rumors about the return of the physical rotating bezel have been circulating for a while. In August 2021, South Korean publication, The Elec, reported rumors about Samsung’s plans to reintroduce the physical rotating bezel in the Galaxy Watch6 lineup. These rumors have gained momentum in recent weeks and further solidify the potential for the return of a physical rotating bezel.

Slight increase in battery capacity for the Watch 6

According to leaked specs, the Watch 6 will have a slightly larger battery capacity than the Watch 5. While the increase is not substantial, it is still an improvement and will benefit users who use their watches frequently throughout the day.

Potential Battery Capacity Increase for the Watch6 Pro

While there is no official word on the Watch6 Pro’s battery capacity, it is expected to receive a similar or even more significant boost than the Watch6. A larger battery would allow users to use the watch for longer periods, reducing the need to charge it frequently.

The significance of the return of the physical rotating bezel as a notable upgrade for smart wearables cannot be overstated. The physical bezel offers a more tactile and responsive interface, which is more intuitive and user-friendly than a virtual one. For many Samsung fans, the physical bezel is one of the defining features of the Galaxy Watch series, and its return is sure to excite long-time Samsung users.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro is shaping up to be an impressive wearable with a host of new features and improvements. The return of the physical rotating bezel is one of the most notable upgrades, providing a more responsive and tactile interface. With a rumored narrow bezel, improved battery life, and enhanced fitness tracking, the Watch 6 Pro promises to be a significant improvement over its predecessor. Fans eagerly await its official launch to experience the watch’s new features and design.

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