Ronin Unveils zkEVM to Scale Web3 Gaming with Polygon Collaboration

The gaming blockchain Ronin has made a significant stride by announcing its new Ronin zkEVM, a zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine layer-2 chain that employs a customized version of the Polygon Chain Development Kit. This pivotal development aims to greatly enhance Ronin’s capability to handle the expected surge in user base and transaction volumes over the coming years. The network is preparing to manage anywhere between 400 million to four billion transactions, a substantial leap from its current capacity. In addition, the zkEVM will offer game developers the ability to craft their own blockchains without the cumbersome necessity of independently creating security and consensus mechanisms.

Sky Mavis Expands Beyond Axie Infinity

Sky Mavis, the innovative team behind Ronin, is broadening its horizons beyond the popular Axie Infinity to serve an expansive gaming ecosystem that supports 1.4 million daily active addresses. Jeff Zirlin, Sky Mavis’s co-founder, emphasized that Ronin’s existing architecture already supports up to 40 million transactions per day. However, the new zkEVM is vital for managing the much larger volumes of transactions expected in the foreseeable future. This move is anticipated to significantly benefit game studio partners by providing them with a more solid and permissionless environment, facilitating ongoing innovation and wide-ranging expansion.

The launch of Ronin zkEVM has already shown promising results. Web3 game Pixels, which migrated to Ronin, has seen its user base surpass 4.4 million—a testament to the network’s burgeoning capability. Additional advantages like a seamless cross-chain experience and the potential for higher staking rewards make this transformation even more attractive for developers and gamers alike. Sky Mavis’s leap toward a permissionless ecosystem paves the way for third-party developers to launch their own layer-2 blockchains on Ronin, offering new opportunities that promise to enrich the gaming experience for all.

Vision for a Unified Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

Sky Mavis CEO Trung Nguyen envisions a cohesive Web3 gaming ecosystem where asset transfers, token swaps, and NFT trading can effortlessly occur between layer-1 and layer-2 games. He sees the Ronin zkEVM as an essential catalyst for onboarding billions of gamers, marking the beginning of a new era in the world of Web3 gaming. The strategic partnership with Polygon delivers significant technological advancements and enhanced scalability through the Polygon Chain Development Kit, promising to streamline these intricate processes for developers and users.

Sandeep Nailwal, the co-founder of Polygon, supports Nguyen’s vision, stating that Ronin is setting a precedent in merging advanced technology with substantial user engagement. The integration with Polygon CDK significantly boosts Ronin’s appeal as a prime destination for game studios aiming to capitalize on its scalable and developer-friendly environment. This collaboration embodies the fusion of ambition and technical prowess, making Ronin a key player in the rapidly evolving Web3 gaming landscape.

Conclusion: A Step Toward Future-Proof Gaming

The gaming blockchain Ronin has taken a major leap with the introduction of its new Ronin zkEVM, a zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine layer-2 chain, which leverages a customized version of the Polygon Chain Development Kit. This notable advancement aims to significantly boost Ronin’s capacity to handle an anticipated surge in both its user base and transaction volumes in the coming years. The network is now gearing up to manage anywhere from 400 million to four billion transactions, a remarkable increase from its current handling capacity. Moreover, the zkEVM will empower game developers by allowing them to create their own blockchains without the daunting burden of independently developing security and consensus mechanisms from scratch. This innovation not only streamlines the development process but also ensures a secure and scalable environment for gaming applications. In essence, Ronin’s zkEVM is set to revolutionize the gaming blockchain landscape by offering higher efficiency, scalability, and ease of use for developers and users alike.

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