Revolutionizing Visual Experiences: BOE’s 8K, Glasses-Free 3D Display and 300% Color Gamut Switching Tech Unveiled at Digital China Construction Summit

BOE, a well-known display panel manufacturer, unveiled its latest technological advancements at the Digital China Construction Achievements Exhibition. Among the groundbreaking releases from BOE are a brand-new 8K 110-inch 3D display and 300 Color Gamut Switching Technology. These upgrades showcase BOE’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of display technology.

BOE Unveils Its Brand New 8K 110-Inch 3D Display and 300-Color Gamut Switching Tech

The description of the new BOE display is as follows: It is an ultra-high definition 100-inch 8K resolution panel that produces a glasses-free 3D image. The display is designed to offer stunning image quality and vibrant colors which look sharp and lifelike on the large screen.

Features of the 3D Glasses-Free Image

The 3D stereo-depth images on the display offer a depth of 1.5 meters, which produces a large-scale mobile display for users. The image can be viewed from a wide range of angles without requiring glasses, offering an immersive experience without the need for additional equipment.

BOE’s pioneering role

BOE is proud to be the first company to produce this cutting-edge display technology. BOE has invested heavily in research and development to bring these new display technologies to the market and challenge its competitors.

Details of the 300-Color Gamut Switching Technology

In addition to its 8K 110-inch 3D display, BOE also unveiled the first technology that supports dynamic switching of 100% DCI-P3 / Adobe RGB / sRGB color gamuts, which includes 300-color gamut switching. This new technology allows for a broader and more accurate range of colors, making images appear more realistic and vibrant.

One benefit of this technology is the dynamic switching of color gamuts, which allows for an average δE<1 and a switching accuracy of less than one percent among all three color gamuts. This new technology also upgrades the backlight of the display by using blue LEDs to achieve the ‘high color gamut organic film conversion technology,’ improving the RGB output of light.

Production and Color Accuracy

Compared to typical sRGB displays, the new panel coverage technology used by BOE increases productivity by forty percent. It also offers a more accurate representation of colors, making it a valuable tool for professionals in the graphics and design industries.

Overview of the Digital China Construction Achievements Exhibition

The Digital China Construction Achievements Exhibition highlights the latest technology trends for 2023. BOE presents its latest advancements in display technology, including the 8K 110-Inch 3D Display and a 300-Color Gamut Switching technology. Other technologies on display at the exhibition include 3D equipment-free home, business, and mobile technologies, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.

Discussion of Other Technologies at the Exhibition

The 3D equipment-free technology is a popular attraction at the exhibition, offering users the ability to experience 3D images in a realistic manner. Virtual reality technology also features prominently due to its growing use in gaming, education, and architecture. Additionally, various products and applications equipped with artificial intelligence are featured in the exhibition, showcasing how the technology can be used to improve people’s daily lives.

The BOE’s unveiling of its latest display technology advancements has received immense attention and applause from the exhibition’s attendees. The cutting-edge technology provides vibrant and eye-catching visuals that elevate the entertainment experience. Furthermore, the 300-Color Gamut Switching Technology offers production and color accuracy that will benefit professionals in diverse industries. BOE continues to be a leader in developing innovative technology, providing customers with the latest and most efficient devices.

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