Navigating the Storm: Addressing Cloud Complexity and its Impact on Business Growth in 2023

The cloud has been a game-changer for businesses, providing access to advanced technology, scalability, and flexibility. However, as cloud adoption continues to surge, so does its complexity. In response to the increasing need for cloud solutions and management, NetApp’s 2023 Cloud Complexity Report provides insights into the challenges that IT professionals face as they navigate the clouds.

The report outlines the key findings from a global survey that aims to evaluate how technology decision-makers are coping with cloud requirements. The research study, conducted in partnership with Wakefield Research, involved 1,300 tech and data executives from nine different markets. The results show that 98% of senior IT leaders have been impacted by increasing cloud complexity in some capacity.

Increasing cloud complexity is impacting senior IT leaders

According to the report, the surge in cloud adoption has resulted in several key challenges for senior IT leaders. The vast majority of respondents (84%) cited data complexity as one of the biggest challenges, with 72% admitting that managing data across different cloud environments was a problem. Moreover, 68% of respondents expressed concerns about managing and securing data at scale.

Data complexity is reaching a boiling point for companies globally

As the report suggests, the issue of data complexity has reached a boiling point for companies globally. Tech executives are feeling the pressure to contain its impact on the business. The report highlights that 68% of those surveyed have experienced data breaches related to cloud computing or have faced regulatory issues. In response to this, companies are looking for new ways to manage and control their increasingly complex data environments.

Technical and Organizational Challenges Stunting Cloud Strategies

The overwhelming theme from the report, according to NetApp, is that companies’ cloud strategies are being stunted by technical and organizational challenges. While respondents placed high priority on cloud adoption, delivery, and management, the biggest barriers to achieving their goals were technical limitations and organizational structure. A staggering 88% of the respondents cited working across cloud environments as a barrier, while a further 83% cited the need for reskilling in cloud adoption.

Sustainability as an Unexpected Cloud Driver

The report uncovered that sustainability has become an unexpected cloud-driver, with nearly eight in ten tech executives citing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) outcomes as critical to their cloud strategy. This finding highlights the growing trend towards sustainable technology solutions and eco-friendly business practices.

AI-driven applications are expected to support over a third of cloud deployments next year

As businesses strive to tackle the challenges of cloud complexities and data management, AI is emerging as a key solution. In the next year, over a third (37%) of tech executives reported that half or more of their cloud deployments will be supported by AI-driven applications. The report suggests that AI and machine learning are becoming increasingly important as drivers in managing and harnessing the power of cloud technology.

There is a disconnect between IT executives and other business leaders, according to Randy Kerns

NetApp’s global research report has revealed a disconnect between the executives outside of IT and those within, according to Randy Kerns, Senior Strategist & Analyst at the Evaluator Group. In his comments regarding the report, Kerns highlights the importance of communication between teams in different departments to ensure they are all aligned in their thinking regarding cloud adoption and management.

NetApp aims to alleviate efficiency bottlenecks in multi-cloud environments

As organizations increasingly move to multi-cloud environments, NetApp aims to alleviate efficiency bottlenecks by allowing IT leaders to manage their systems on one streamlined user interface. With its cloud data services, NetApp provides businesses with a unified cloud strategy that enables them to leverage their data assets effectively.

An Evolved Cloud Approach: NetApp Leading the Charge for Next Generation Cloud Management and Storage

By adopting an evolved cloud approach, NetApp is leading the charge for next-generation cloud management and storage solutions. The company is providing teams with the necessary tools to keep up with the key trends outlined in the research report. NetApp’s cloud data services platform enables businesses to unleash the full potential of their data assets and offers them the agility, scalability, and flexibility they require to remain competitive in today’s digital economy.

NetApp’s 2023 Cloud Complexity Report provides valuable insights into the challenges that businesses are facing as they navigate the complexities of the cloud. The report highlights the need for a collaborative approach between IT and other business departments to ensure that a company’s cloud strategy is aligned with its overall goals and objectives. With AI and machine learning emerging as key solutions to manage data complexities, NetApp’s cloud data services platform leads the charge for next-generation cloud management and storage solutions. Moving forward, it’s clear that businesses need to keep pace with evolving cloud technologies and trends to remain competitive in the digital economy.

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