Legrand Bolsters Data Center Power Capabilities with Acquisitions

In a strategic move to enhance its portfolio and extend its reach in the booming data center sector, Legrand has recently taken the industry by storm with the acquisition of two notable companies: Server Tech and Starline. The acquisitions not only represent Legrand’s precision in targeting vital areas within the data center landscape but also underscore its commitment to catering to the burgeoning demands for comprehensive power solutions.

A Strategic Approach to Growth

Acquiring Server Tech and Starline

Server Tech brings to the table its expertise in power distribution units (PDUs), a critical component in the efficient operation of data centers. With a workforce of over 200 employees, Server Tech has a significant presence in both the US and Europe, expanding Legrand’s reach in these key markets. The company’s offerings, which include intelligent PDUs and power monitoring solutions, align closely with Legrand’s objectives to strengthen its portfolio in the data center space.

Similarly, the acquisition of Starline, a pioneer in customizable power distribution solutions, continues Legrand’s expansion into new territories within the data center market. Starline’s track record in busway technology and its strong foothold in the North American market complement Legrand’s existing electrical and digital building infrastructures, further solidifying its position as an industry leader.

Elevating Legrand’s Market Position

By astutely acquiring Server Tech and Starline, Legrand has broadened its influence in the data center market. This strategic move signals Legrand’s commitment to addressing the intricate power requirements of modern data centers and its dedication to providing comprehensive solutions in a rapidly evolving sector. These acquisitions enhance Legrand’s market position, catalyzing its growth trajectory and fortifying its capability to meet the complex demands of data-driven industries.

Through these acquisitions, Legrand not only diversifies its offerings but also reinforces its mission to be at the forefront of innovation, contributing to the construction of advanced digital infrastructures that are indispensable for the information age. This tactical expansion exemplifies Legrand’s foresight and its unwavering commitment to excelling within a critical domain of the modern economy.

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