How Can Axtension® Enhance Your Dynamics 365 Efficiency?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has become a vital tool for businesses striving to streamline their processes and achieve greater operational efficiency. However, even with its robust capabilities, further enhancement is often needed to meet specific industry demands and operational complexities. That is where the Axtension® suite of solutions comes into play. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Dynamics 365, Axtension® solutions offer precision tools that target and refine key business processes, leading to marked improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.

Each solution within the Axtension® suite is crafted to address distinct areas of concern for businesses. From automating time-consuming tasks to providing deeper insights into project and financial management, these enhancements not only streamline operations but also unlock new competitive advantages. The result is not just incremental but an exponential increase in process efficiency, ensuring that businesses can keep pace with the ever-evolving market demands and stay ahead of the competition.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

One of the standout features of the Axtension® suite is the Accounts Payable Invoice Automation. The monotony and error-prone nature of manual invoice processing are well-known pain points for any finance team. By automating up to 95% of invoices, Axtension® dramatically mitigates these issues, leading to a significant reduction in manual effort and the potential for financial errors. This, in turn, translates to a smoother financial operation and better utilization of human resources.

Project management and production planning can also experience substantial enhancements with Axtension®. With Project Cost Control, businesses have seen a 1-5% reduction in project margin erosion by having a tighter rein over budget overruns. The Production Planning tool, meanwhile, improves overall equipment effectiveness by 1-3%, which is key to optimizing output using existing resources. These solutions directly contribute to a leaner operation and a healthier bottom line.

Optimizing Existing Dynamics 365 Infrastructure

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is crucial for businesses seeking better process efficiency, but sometimes even this robust platform needs enhancements for specific industry or operational needs. Here is where the Axtension® suite of solutions comes in, offering tailored tools that integrate perfectly with Dynamics 365 to hone specific business functions.

Each Axtension® solution is meticulously designed to streamline distinct business aspects. They can automate mundane tasks or lend deeper insights into project or financial management, leading not just to streamlined operations, but also to a substantial competitive edge. The improvements brought by these solutions are significant—it’s not just a step up, it’s a leap forward in process efficiency. With Axtension® suite solutions, companies are well-equipped to adapt to rapid market changes and outperform rivals.

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