How AI and Technology are Revolutionizing UK Borders

The past year has been quite challenging for the travel industry due to the ongoing pandemic. As countries slowly try to revive the industry, the UK government has announced its ambition to create “a border that is fit for the 21st century”. Recently, the country has laid out plans to roll out a new “permission to travel” scheme for international visitors from late 2023, which has caused many people to wonder about the implications of such a move. This article aims to shed some light on the benefits of embracing technology and AI for a more secure border and improved traveler experience.

The need for successful practices from other countries

To ensure a smooth transition with the new “permission to travel” scheme, it is vital to cherry-pick innovative and successful practices from other countries. There are excellent examples of how technology can enhance the border experience and make it more secure, such as Singapore’s self-service immigration kiosks or Canada’s use of biometric technologies to verify traveler identity. By adopting such practices, the UK can design and implement a system that meets current challenges while providing a better user experience.

Information and transparency are key

In any border control system, access to quality data and transparency is vital for effective and efficient security. By allowing airlines, immigration departments, and even travelers access to relevant data, it is possible to strengthen the security of the border while ensuring faster screening, shorter wait times, and a better traveler experience. The UK can achieve this by leveraging a single platform capable of handling large amounts of data and providing rapid insights for real-time or near-real-time decision-making.

The Visitor Management Platform

One such platform is Travizory’s Visitor Management Platform, designed to streamline the passenger vetting process by providing carriers with a bird’s-eye view of each traveler, as well as a detailed analysis of individual profiles. The platform employs cutting-edge technology, such as machine learning and AI, to provide greater confidence in traveler identity and faster processing times. Its high degree of flexibility allows airlines to customize their vetting processes, thereby improving the overall user experience and building traveler confidence.

Facial recognition for enhanced security

Facial recognition technology is another innovative solution that the UK can leverage to enhance security and improve the traveler experience. Facial recognition systems allow for faster and more accurate identification of travelers, which saves time spent processing passengers. This technology can be used in conjunction with other biometric solutions, such as fingerprint and iris recognition, to provide a more robust and data-driven approach to border control.

Establishing the UK as a Technology Leader

The UK has a great opportunity to establish itself as a technology leader by leveraging the benefits of cutting-edge technologies instead of relying on outdated systems. The country can go beyond just updating and modernizing systems by implementing new and innovative solutions based on technological advancements. By doing so, the UK can position itself as a country that is forward-thinking and capable of delivering high-quality border security solutions that are truly world-class.

Cloud-based technologies

The advent of cloud-based technologies has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for UK border control. Cloud platforms provide a high level of flexibility, scalability, and security, making them an excellent fit for modern border control systems. This approach means that the UK can now use a modern, forward-thinking approach to border security by leveraging relevant data from multiple sources in a secure and efficient way.

AI technology

The use of AI technologies is disrupting almost every sector globally, including border security. AI can provide the much-needed accuracy, speed, and flexibility required to process high volumes of passenger data quickly while ensuring data privacy and compliance with existing laws and regulations. Any new digital border system implemented without AI in a central role risks being obsolete from the moment it launches.

The UK has an exciting opportunity to revolutionize its borders by leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI and cloud-based solutions for a modern, secure, and efficient travel experience. The implementation of innovative solutions such as the Travizory Visitor Management Platform and facial recognition technology can enhance security and improve the traveler’s experience. By leading the way among national borders and demonstrating a commitment to technological advancement, the UK can create a border that is truly fit for the 21st century.

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