Globe Telecom Expands Network with Nokia Tech to Boost Connectivity

Globe Telecom, a leading telecommunications service provider in the Philippines, is making significant strides in enhancing its network infrastructure to meet the growing demands for high-quality connectivity. With a keen focus on improving service quality and customer experience, Globe is undertaking extensive initiatives to expand and upgrade its network. By integrating advanced technologies and leveraging strategic partnerships, Globe aims to offer robust internet services tailored to the needs of Filipino consumers, thereby fostering an era of seamless digital connectivity across the nation.

Expanding and Upgrading Network Infrastructure

In the first quarter of 2024, Globe Telecom embarked on a robust network expansion strategy that involved the construction of 116 new cell sites and the upgrade of 812 mobile sites to Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology. These initiatives are designed to enhance the network’s reach and capacity, thereby improving service consistency and availability for customers throughout the Philippines. This comprehensive upgrade helps meet the increasing demands for uninterrupted and high-speed internet services, reflecting Globe’s commitment to delivering superior connectivity.

Complementing these efforts, Globe has strategically rolled out over 19,544 fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) lines. This targeted expansion taps into the underserved prepaid fiber market, maximizing the utility of Globe’s existing fiber resources. By doing so, Globe ensures wider access to reliable and high-quality broadband services, particularly in regions with limited connectivity. This initiative is crucial in addressing the growing needs of consumers who rely heavily on internet services for everyday tasks such as remote work, online education, and digital entertainment. By expanding both its mobile and fiber networks, Globe is positioning itself to deliver a more consistent and comprehensive user experience.

Leveraging Nokia’s Technology for Network Modernization

A pivotal element of Globe’s network enhancement strategy involves the modernization of its legacy systems through the adoption of Nokia’s Broadband Network Gateway (BNG). This technological upgrade is essential for integrating fixed and wireless access, thereby enhancing the performance of mobile broadband services. The move to Nokia’s solutions underscores Globe’s commitment to leveraging advanced technologies to improve network efficiency and prepare for future innovations and upgrades.

Joel Agustin, Globe’s Senior Vice President and Head of Network Planning and Engineering, emphasizes that the use of Nokia’s BNG solution provides a flexible multi-access gateway that efficiently amalgamates wireline and wireless technologies. This strategic integration is designed to boost network performance, ensuring that Globe remains at the forefront of telecommunications by embracing cutting-edge technology. The deployment of Nokia’s 7750 Service Router and Extended Services Appliance is expected to significantly enhance broadband services, offering robust network performance that can meet the evolving demands of Filipino consumers.

Strategic Goals Focused on Customer Experience and Consistency

Globe’s ongoing investments over the past three to four years have laid a solid foundation for its current expansion and modernization initiatives. The primary goal behind these strategic investments is to improve service consistency and availability, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience. These infrastructural upgrades are tailored to support traffic across various regions and territories, ensuring improved connectivity and user satisfaction.

These efforts are aligned with Globe’s mission to deliver seamless and efficient network services that cater to diverse customer needs. By addressing connectivity issues and enhancing its network infrastructure, Globe is committed to providing a high-performance network that retains and expands its customer base. As emphasized by Agustin, the strategic focus remains on delivering reliable and superior telecommunications services that meet the dynamic requirements of modern-day users, thereby fostering sustained customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Economic and Societal Impacts of Network Improvements

The enhancements to Globe Telecom’s network infrastructure extend beyond improving services for individual users; they have significant economic implications, particularly in regions where better connectivity can drive growth. High-speed internet is crucial for various sectors, including education, remote working, and business operations, which heavily depend on reliable and fast internet services. These network improvements are expected to play a pivotal role in fostering regional development.

Better internet infrastructure supports regional economic growth by providing the necessary tools for digital education and remote work, which became essential during the post-pandemic era. These enhancements align with Globe’s long-term vision of driving economic and social development through improved connectivity. By investing in network upgrades, Globe is not only enhancing individual user experiences but also contributing to broader societal benefits, thereby supporting the nation’s economic resilience and growth.

Future-Proofing Network Infrastructure

Globe Telecom’s strategic upgrades are designed to meet immediate connectivity challenges and to future-proof its network against rising demands. By aligning with the latest technological advancements such as Nokia’s BNG, Globe ensures a smooth transition to emerging broadband technologies and methodologies. This proactive approach positions Globe to adapt to and capitalize on future technological developments, maintaining its competitive edge in the telecommunications sector.

The integration of wireline and wireless broadband access addresses a diverse range of customer needs, ensuring both flexibility and efficiency in service delivery. This strategy enables Globe to offer a balanced and comprehensive suite of services, catering to varying consumer preferences and usage patterns. By future-proofing its network, Globe is not only enhancing current service quality but also setting the stage for sustainable growth and innovation in the telecommunications landscape.

Targeted Expansion in Prepaid Fiber Market

A significant aspect of Globe’s strategic approach is the targeted expansion in the underserved prepaid fiber market. By rolling out a substantial number of FTTH lines, Globe is not only broadening its market reach but also making high-quality broadband services more accessible to both urban and rural populations. This strategic focus on fiber infrastructure is particularly important in a post-pandemic environment where remote work and digital education have become more prevalent.

Leveraging its existing investments, Globe is capturing a larger share of the market by addressing the high demand for reliable home-based internet services. This targeted expansion ensures that consumers in previously underserved areas can access robust and high-speed broadband services, thereby bridging the digital divide. By focusing on expanding its fiber network, Globe is meeting the evolving connectivity needs of a diverse consumer base, underscoring its commitment to delivering superior internet services across the Philippines.

Balancing Mobile and Fixed Network Upgrades

Globe Telecom, a prominent telecommunications provider in the Philippines, is making great progress in upgrading its network infrastructure to satisfy the increasing demand for high-quality connectivity. Committed to enhancing service quality and the customer experience, Globe is implementing substantial initiatives to both expand and modernize its network. This involves incorporating cutting-edge technologies and forming strategic partnerships. Globe’s goal is to deliver reliable and powerful internet services that meet the specific needs of Filipino consumers. By doing so, the company aims to usher in a new era of seamless digital connectivity across the country, ensuring that every customer can enjoy superior internet access. These efforts not only position Globe as a leader in the telecom industry but also contribute significantly to the digital transformation of the Philippines. As Globe continues to innovate and invest in its infrastructure, it not only meets current needs but also prepares for future demand, making it a vital player in the nation’s technological advancement.

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