Prepares to Forge Its Own Blockchain Path

In the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized social media, the spotlight turns to, a platform that made headlines with its plan to craft its very own blockchain, the Friendchain. This strategic pivot away from its roots on the Coinbase layer-2 network known as Base stirs a blend of bewilderment and anticipation among users and tech pundits alike. The move raised eyebrows, sparking debate over the necessity and efficacy of a specialized social-focused blockchain. Concern over the potential escalation of gas fees loomed, especially when set against the backdrop of the economical Base network.

The announcement elicited a sharp market reaction, with the company’s native token, FRIEND, experiencing a dramatic 64% upswing in trading price. Yet, the initial excitement wavered, and the price dipped not long after. As carves out its path, the timing of this decision proves pivotal. The platform had already captured the industry’s attention with a substantial price surge following its token launch and the associated airdrop—events that were marred by the ironic timing of a significant sell-off from a major token holder on the day of the airdrop.

Unpacking the Blockchain Shuffle

In the rapidly changing world of decentralized social platforms, all eyes are on as it announces a major shift – developing its own blockchain, dubbed the Friendchain. This surprising move away from its original position on the Base network, a Coinbase layer-2 solution, has stirred a mix of intrigue and eagerness among both users and industry observers. The platform’s departure ignited a debate on the need and effectiveness of a blockchain tailored specifically for social networking, with concerns over potential rising transaction costs, especially compared to the cost-efficiency of the Base network.

The news triggered an immediate and notable response from the market, with’s proprietary token, FRIEND, skyrocketing by 64% in value. Nevertheless, the spike waned shortly after.’s strategy is unfolding at a critical juncture. The company had already garnered buzz with a significant price jump post-token launch and its subsequent airdrop, a moment ironically overshadowed by a hefty sell-off from a leading token holder on the very day of the airdrop.

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