Ericsson Partners with Telcaria for Greener 5G Networks

In an era where digital transformation is not just an aspiration but a necessity, the convergence of telecommunications and technology continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible. The most recent leap forward comes from a collaboration that exemplifies innovation aimed at sustainability. Ericsson and Telcaria, a Spanish telecommunications R&D company and a key player in the 5TONIC co-innovation lab, have entered into a partnership that could redefine energy efficiency in cellular networks—particularly within the realm of 5G technology. This venture, propelled by the ‘6G DAWN’ project, effectively combines the operational excellence of private 5G networks with an unwavering commitment to environmental consciousness.

The Dawn of “6G DAWN”

Project Initiation and Goals

Launched in 2022 and spearheaded by CTTC, the “6G DAWN” project benefits from the support of the Spanish Government’s Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan under the robust UNICO I+D 5G program. The partnership is laser-focused on increasing the energy efficiency of private 5G networks. This not only involves maintaining the network’s capability to handle high-speed traffic, which can soar to 1 Gigabit per second over mid-band spectrum, but also doing so without diminishing the network’s performance. The initiative highlights the adoption of the public-private integrated network (PNI-NPN) model, a significant stride toward enhancing the observability and predictability of critical network analytics.

Enhancing Private 5G Networks

Ericsson is already a leviathan in providing private 5G networks, offering solutions that are acclaimed for their secure, robust, and standalone 4G LTE and 5G connectivity. Serving as the digital backbone for numerous industries, these networks facilitate business-critical operations by amalgamating essentials like reliability, flexibility, low latency, and supreme security. Rooted in Ericsson’s advanced radio portfolio, the collaboration with Telcaria now aims to consolidate their expertise in developing Network Digital Twin and Network Exposure technologies specific to private networks. The goal is a substantial improvement in the energy efficiency of 5G systems, currently under trial at the CTTC, which boasts a live private 5G network interfaced with the 5TONIC lab.

Revolutionizing Telecommunications Sustainability

Energy Efficiency in 5G Technology

The realm of 5G technology is already recognized for being significantly more energy-efficient than the previous generation 4G—surpassing it by magnitudes of over ten times per gigabyte of traffic. This commendable leap in efficiency results from advances in streamlined architectural designs and the implementation of AI/ML innovations. With the partnership between Ericsson and Telcaria, there is a palpable movement within the telecommunications industry towards fostering sustainable operations without compromising the enhanced features that next-gen networks offer.

Industry Implications and Sustainable Progress

At a time when digital evolution is essential, the convergence of telecom and tech is expanding our capabilities. Taking a significant stride in this realm is the alliance between Ericsson and Telcaria, an innovating force within Spain’s telecommunications research and development scene. Deeply integrated into the 5TONIC lab, where collaborative ingenuity thrives, their partnership is set to revolutionize how efficiently cellular networks, especially those in the 5G sector, use energy. Under the “6G DAWN” project banner, the initiative is merging the high performance of private 5G networks with a dedication to protecting the environment. This forward-thinking venture promises to be an influential force in advancing sustainability in the ever-evolving landscape of wireless technology. It demonstrates an important balance of enhancing network excellence while conscientiously considering the planet’s health.

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