Empowering Secure Remote Work: VMware Workspace ONE and Google Workspace Join Forces

In today’s hyper-connected workplaces, ensuring seamless productivity and collaboration while maintaining strict security standards is a top priority. With more and more employees working from home or on-the-go, businesses require a flexible and dynamic workspace solution that can meet their unique needs. VMware Workspace ONE, a leading unified endpoint management (UEM) platform, and Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite), a popular suite of cloud-native communication and collaboration tools, have recently joined forces to offer a comprehensive solution for the modern workplace.

Background on Google Workspace

With over three billion users worldwide, Google Workspace has become one of the most popular cloud-based collaboration suites for organizations of all sizes. From Gmail to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, the suite provides a wide array of productivity tools that can help streamline workflows and facilitate communication and collaboration across different teams and departments. Google Workspace also offers advanced security features such as multi-factor authentication and data loss prevention to ensure confidential information is protected from cyber threats.

Overview of VMware Workspace ONE

VMware Workspace ONE is a UEM platform that enables IT admins to manage and secure all their endpoints, including desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and wearables, from a single console. The platform offers a range of capabilities including device and application management, as well as identity management. This makes it possible to deliver a secure digital workspace experience to all employees. Workspace ONE leverages a Zero Trust approach, which means that access to resources is only granted after verifying the user’s identity and the device’s security posture.

The partnership between VMware Workspace ONE and Google Workspace offers a dynamic and comprehensive workspace solution to customers. By combining the productivity and collaboration capabilities of Google Workspace with the UEM and digital employee experience management (DEEM) capabilities of Workspace ONE, businesses can effectively address the technical limitations that have emerged during the pandemic and facilitate seamless remote work. This partnership provides an excellent opportunity for organizations to enhance their overall workplace productivity and experience.

Benefits of the Partnership for Customers

The partnership provides several benefits for businesses of all sizes, including:

– Enhanced IT management capabilities that allow IT admins to manage hybrid work needs across users, apps, and endpoints.

– Intelligence-based insights and automations that make it easy for IT teams to efficiently perform actions and remediation.

– The ability to overcome legacy system limitations through the cloud-native platforms of both Workspace ONE and Google Workspace.

– Secure access for employees from anywhere on any device, enabling them to remain productive regardless of their location.

– Improved Zero Trust maturity, reducing the risks of data breaches.

– Simplified IT management through Workspace ONE’s single pane of glass, providing a unified view of all endpoints, users, and apps.

– Flexibility for customers to choose solutions across multiple vendors, including VMware Workspace ONE, Google Workspace, and Okta.

IT Management Capabilities of Workspace ONE

Workspace ONE enables IT teams to manage all of their endpoints from a single console, eliminating the need to use multiple tools and portals. With Workspace ONE’s device management capabilities, IT administrators can enroll, configure, and manage devices, apply policies, deploy applications, and track device health and usage. Workspace ONE also provides identity management capabilities, allowing IT admins to deploy single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) policies that can help prevent unauthorized access to data.

Intelligence-based Insights and Automations

Workspace ONE’s integrated intelligence engine leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide insights and automations that help IT teams identify and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. The engine can detect anomalies and security threats and provide prescriptive recommendations to remediate them. Additionally, it can automate several tasks such as app updates, patches, and device configuration changes, saving IT teams time and resources.

Overcoming Legacy System Limitations

Both Workspace ONE and Google Workspace are cloud-native platforms, which means that businesses can overcome the limitations of legacy systems more efficiently. Cloud-native platforms offer several benefits such as scalability, resilience, agility, and a lower total cost of ownership. By leveraging these capabilities, businesses can accelerate their digital transformation journey. This will enable them to deliver secure and reliable services to their employees and customers.

Secure Access for Employees from Anywhere on Any Device

The partnership between Workspace ONE and Google Workspace provides secure access to Google Workspace apps and other tools that employees need to stay productive on any device. Employees can work from anywhere and on any device, while IT teams can enforce policies to ensure that sensitive data is appropriately secured.

Improved Zero Trust Maturity and Reduced Risks of Data Breaches

Workspace ONE’s Zero Trust architecture provides a comprehensive security framework that assumes no user or device within or outside the company is inherently trustworthy. By verifying the user’s identity and the device’s security posture before granting access to resources, Workspace ONE can reduce the risk of data breaches and improve the overall security posture of an organization.

Simplified IT management is made possible through Workspace ONE’s single pane of glass, which offers a unified console providing a single view of all users, apps, and devices across the organization. IT teams can seamlessly manage multiple devices and apps, troubleshoot issues, and enforce policies without the need to switch between different tools and portals. Additionally, the console provides real-time insights and analytics that help IT teams make data-driven decisions to improve the digital workspace experience for employees.

Flexibility for Customers to Choose Solutions Across Multiple Vendors

The partnership between Workspace ONE and Google Workspace provides customers with greater flexibility to choose solutions across multiple vendors. Customers are not beholden to a single vendor and can select the solutions that meet their unique needs, preferences, and budgets. The partnership also provides opportunities to integrate with other platforms, such as Okta, enabling businesses to create a more seamless and integrated digital workspace experience for their employees.

The partnership between VMware Workspace ONE and Google Workspace offers a comprehensive and dynamic workspace solution for the modern workplace. Businesses can leverage the capabilities of both platforms to deliver a secure, reliable, and efficient digital workspace experience to their employees, regardless of their location or device. By simplifying IT management, reducing the risk of data breaches, and increasing flexibility for customers to choose solutions across multiple vendors, the partnership presents an exciting opportunity for businesses to accelerate their digital transformation journey and achieve their strategic goals.

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