Dow Chemical Collaborates with CAS to Develop SmartSearch, Streamlining Chemical Research and Development

Dow Chemical and Chemical Abstract Services (CAS) have collaborated to improve inefficiencies in chemical processes and create a better, safer pulp yield. The collaboration resulted in the development of SmartSearch, which allows Dow’s chemists to discover needed molecules in minutes, compared to previous methods that took weeks to identify.

Using CAS SciFinder to Leverage

CAS SciFinder is optimized for searching chemical molecules from an electronic catalog of over 200 million compounds. Dow Chemical has launched a collaboration with CAS to create SmartSearch, which leverages CAS SciFinder for faster chemical research and development.

SmartSearch recognition

SmartSearch has earned Dow a spot on the 2023 CIO 100 Award list for IT leadership and innovation. The tool enables thousands of Dow chemists to streamline research and development processes, accelerating the commercialization of safer and more sustainable molecules.

Benefits of SmartSearch for Dow

SmartSearch for Dow enables quick filtering of the chemical, physical, and commercial availability of molecules, as well as the health and safety properties of a molecule or set of molecules that suit a given application. With SmartSearch, Dow’s chemists can conduct the necessary research within a matter of minutes, significantly reducing the time needed for chemical development.

Pulp Pilot

A prime example of SmartSearch’s application is in Dow’s pulp pilot project. The tool helped identify a set of eight to twelve safer and more sustainable molecules to replace the existing material. Dow has since narrowed down the pool of options to two to four molecular choices and expects to commercialize one of them in the coming year or two.

CAS SciFinder uses proprietary search technology

SmartSearch for Dow utilizes CAS SciFinder’s proprietary search technology. The platform includes a “knowledge graph” consisting of over 2.5 billion entities and 20+ billion chemical relationships, enabling a highly optimized and efficient search operation.

Collaboration between Dow and CAS

Dow and CAS have been working together for years, but the partnership took a new direction with the development of SmartSearch. The collaboration allowed the two companies to unify their strengths and create an innovative tool for chemical research and development.

Augmentation of Chemical Database

Dow’s chemists are continuously building their chemical databases and augmenting them with CAS’s molecular modeling. The chemists can leverage SmartSearch to make better and more informed decisions, accelerating research in various fields.

SmartSearch’s Use in Dow’s Businesses

SmartSearch for Dow is now being used in Dow’s plastics, silicone, and polyurethane businesses, as well as for many industrial solutions. With more applications, SmartSearch will offer greater benefits, streamlining the research and development process across different industries.

Overall, SmartSearch for Dow has brought significant benefits to the chemical industry. The tool has enabled faster and more accurate chemical research and development, accelerating the commercialization of safer and more sustainable chemicals. Dow’s collaboration with CAS is an excellent example of how partnerships between leading organizations can bring change and innovation to the industry. As the tool matures and expands into more industries, SmartSearch could mark the beginning of a new era in chemical research and development.

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