Canadian Directory Giant Yellow Pages Targeted: A Comprehensive Look at BlackBasta’s Latest Cyber Attack

Yellow Pages Group, a prominent Canadian directory publisher, has become the latest victim of a cyberattack. The attack was carried out by the notorious Black Basta Ransomware Group, who also claimed responsibility for the incident. Yellow Pages is not the first victim of the group, who have previously targeted organizations such as Capita, a UK-based professional outsourcing provider and Canadian food retail giant Sobey’s.

Yellow Pages collects large amounts of information on the public, including personal and private corporate data. The attack has potentially compromised the data of thousands of individuals and businesses. The initial details of the cyberattack are unclear, but according to reports, the group may have gained access through a phishing campaign or a vulnerability in the company’s security system. The Black Basta ransomware group has stated that it used its proprietary ransomware tool to encrypt the data of the Canadian Directory Publisher.

Data Leaks and Information Security

The Black Basta Ransomware Group has posted sensitive files and information on its data leak website. According to sources who have reviewed the files, critical information regarding Yellow Pages Group has been leaked. The data is believed to contain tax documents, accounts receivable spreadsheets, budget and debt forecasts, as well as personal identification information such as passports, driver’s licenses, dates of birth, and addresses.

Response and Impact

The Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Yellow Pages confirmed in a statement that a cyberattack had taken place. The company has stated its intention to mitigate the impact of the incident, collaborate with local law enforcement authorities, and engage cybersecurity experts. The Canadian Directory Publisher has reported that it has taken strict measures to ensure the security of its systems.

The leaked data is likely to have significant consequences for both individuals and businesses. Personal information is highly sensitive and can be used to carry out further cybercrimes such as identity theft. Moreover, the data breach is expected to impact the Canadian public’s trust in Yellow Pages and other companies operating in this field.

The attack on Yellow Pages Group highlights the ongoing persistence of ransomware and cyber crime. The incident has caused damage not only to the Canadian Directory Publisher but also to the citizens and businesses whose data has been compromised. The cyber attack is another reminder of the growing need for organizations to focus on security systems, raise awareness of cybersecurity, and plan for contingencies in cyber attacks. Yellow Pages Group has become the latest casualty of the Black Basta Ransomware group, and it remains to be seen whether they will fully recover from the attack.

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