Africa Data Centres and TechAccess Partner to Implement DCIM Solution, Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability

Data centers are the backbone of the digital infrastructure that powers our modern world. They are essential for enterprise operations, communication, and the storage of vast amounts of data. As the volume and importance of data continue to grow, managing and monitoring the facilities that house it becomes increasingly important. To facilitate this, Africa Data Centres (ADC) and TechAccess have partnered to implement a Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software solution. This article outlines the details, importance, and benefits of this partnership.

Partnership between Africa Data Centres and TechAccess

ADC is a company that provides data hosting and related services to businesses and other organizations in Africa. TechAccess is an information technology (IT) solutions provider that offers a range of services, including consulting, integration, and management.

The partnership between ADC and TechAccess involves TechAccess providing DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) software solutions to optimize the performance and monitoring of ADC’s data centers. The collaboration leverages TechAccess’ technical expertise and experience in deploying, integrating, and managing data center technologies, to enhance efficiency and sustainability across ADC’s facilities.

The importance of this partnership is significant, especially in the era of the digital economy. The collaboration will provide ADC with effective tools for managing and monitoring their data centers, enabling them to optimize resources, maximize operational efficiency, and minimize environmental impact.

DCIM software refers to Data Center Infrastructure Management software which is used to monitor and manage the infrastructure of a data center. DCIM software provides insights into how energy and space are presently used, which enables optimization and efficient capacity planning of resources. It also helps achieve a clear understanding of the data center operations, identifying potential issues or inefficiencies that can be addressed to improve overall performance.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) technology is a software solution used for managing, monitoring, and measuring all IT equipment and supporting infrastructure in a data center. The software provides real-time visibility and analysis of all aspects of a data center, including power and cooling, energy usage, space capacity, and device utilization.

DCIM software is essential for maintaining a data center’s performance, reliability, and sustainability. It provides insight into the workings of data center infrastructure, allowing for the quick identification and resolution of issues that may arise.

TechAccess’s role in implementing DCIM

TechAccess is responsible for delivering the DCIM solution to ADC, including project management, hardware, software, and other project deliverables. The DCIM solution consists of two leading vendors’ software – data center optimization software from EkkoSense, and an asset management platform from Assetspire.

EkkoSense’s EkkoSoft Critical AI-powered data center optimization solution brings real-time insight and optimization potential to power, cooling, and space, ensuring maximum efficiency of data centers. Assetspire’s platform provides data asset management and data governance capabilities, enabling effective tracking of data assets.

Deployment of DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) in Africa Data Centres’ facilities

The DCIM solution will be deployed in ADC’s facilities, including the two sites in Johannesburg and facilities in Cape Town, Nairobi, and Lagos.

It is essential to implement DCIM solutions in multiple sites to ensure that systems are monitored consistently and optimized continuously, irrespective of the location. ADC’s decision to deploy the DCIM solution will allow for centralized management of their data centres, resulting in enhanced efficacy, consistency, and sustainability across all sites.

Goals of the DCIM implementation

The primary goal of implementing the DCIM solution in ADC’s facilities is to provide site administrators with a comprehensive insight into each facility’s performance. The DCIM solution will enable ADC to precisely monitor and analyze the significant aspects of their data centers in real-time.

The DCIM solution’s insights will help identify issues, improve efficiency, reduce energy usage and create a greener and more sustainable data center environment. Ultimately, reducing energy use and carbon footprint will positively impact the environment and align with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives.

Benefits of a DCIM solution

The DCIM solution will enable ADC customers to save time, money, and enhance productivity. The solution’s real-time insights and optimization capabilities will allow organizations to scale swiftly, support critical workloads, and reduce downtime and disruptions.

Insights from the DCIM solution will also allow ADC administrators to improve their carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption, thereby leading to lower energy costs.

The ADC-TechAccess partnership brings together leading vendors to produce a DCIM solution that optimizes data centers’ performance and sustainability. The DCIM solution will enable ADC to precisely monitor and analyze the significant aspects of their data centers, leading to increased efficiency and sustainability.

The insights gained from the DCIM solution will allow customers to realize a wide range of savings in terms of time, money, and increased productivity. Hence, the ADC-TechAccess partnership is a significant step towards efficient and sustainable data centers that promote corporate social responsibility goals.

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