A new cloud-based hotel property engagement platform takes the hospitality industry by storm

In the hospitality industry, it is a constant challenge to balance personalized service with streamlined operations. A new cloud-based hotel Property Engagement Platform (PEP), co-developed by Hilton and HotelKey, is making significant strides in addressing this challenge. As the platform powers more than 1,000 properties within the Hilton portfolio, it is quickly gaining traction and enabling hotels to offer seamless experiences for their guests. In this article, we will explore how the platform is enhancing guest experiences and improving hotel operations.

How the platform enhances guest experience and hotel operations

In today’s fast-paced world, guests expect quick and efficient service. The platform’s ability to speed up computer-based transactions at the front desk and throughout the hotel is helping reduce guest waits significantly. This streamlined approach is freeing up more time for hotel team members, allowing them to dedicate that time to providing personalized service. These interactions play a vital role in shaping guests’ experiences and helping them create lasting memories.

Furthermore, the PEP software streamlines operations, addresses guest and team member needs, and identifies cost efficiencies within a standardized platform. This combined approach ensures that guest needs are met while the hotel can maximize its operations and profitability.

Implementation and future rollout of the platform

Homewood Suites by Hilton Largo Washington DC was one of the first hotels in Hilton’s portfolio to implement the PEP. This hotel serves as a test bed for the project rollout, which is expected to reach more than 7,000 hotels worldwide over the next three years. The successful implementation of the PEP platform has shown a significant reduction in team member training time, which now takes only four hours as opposed to the previous 40 hours.

Benefits of the platform

The platform has helped in reducing team member training time by a whopping 90% and has reduced day-to-day technology and billing errors. The features also allow team members to build genuine connections with their guests, further enhancing their customer service. As a result, hotels can improve their guest satisfaction levels, increase retention, and enjoy growth in profitability in the long run.

Hilton’s dedication to innovation

Hilton’s mission is to enhance guests’ travel experiences by combining hospitality with technology. The PEP platform is just one of the latest innovations that Hilton is delivering. Hilton’s other technological advancements, such as improved booking options, Digital Key, and Digital Key Share through the Hilton Honors app, have made travel more comfortable and easier for guests. With personalized in-room technology, guests can tailor their experiences to their specific needs and preferences.

Hilton’s partnership with HotelKey

The PEP platform was co-created with Hilton for exclusive use at Hilton properties. However, Hilton’s partnership with HotelKey has allowed for the integration of a suite of software solutions to streamline operations globally. The hospitality platform technology and capabilities of HotelKey have enabled a single property platform to effectively serve many distinct brands worldwide. The collaboration is a testament to the effectiveness of partnerships in delivering quality products.

In recent years, customer expectations have been on the rise, with guests demanding a more personalized experience. By utilizing the new cloud-based Hotel Property Engagement Platform, Hilton is successfully addressing this challenge. The platform has helped reduce wait times, training time, and enhance personalized service. The upcoming global rollout is expected to make hotels more efficient and sustainable. By combining technology with the hospitality sector, Hilton is well-positioned to take the lead in providing unique and memorable experiences for travelers worldwide.

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