Unified Payment Services Launch PTSA Platform to Boost Nigeria e-Payments

Unified Payment Services Limited has recently announced the launch of its Payment Terminal Service Aggregator (PTSA) platform, aimed at enhancing electronic payment transactions across Nigeria. This development was highlighted by the Group Managing Director, Mr. Agada Apochi, during a media briefing in Lagos, where he elaborated on the strategic goals and operational mechanisms of the PTSA platform.

Strategic Launch of PTSA Platform

The operational launch of Unified Payment’s PTSA platform positions the company as the second PTSA licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Unified Payment aims to serve as an enabling agent rather than a competitor in the electronic payment services industry. This strategy is focused on facilitating collaboration among various stakeholders, including industry operators, service providers, and regulatory bodies. The goal is to foster the growth and safety of electronic payment transactions across the country.

Collaborative Approach

The PTSA platform has been designed to unify stakeholders in the electronic payment ecosystem, encouraging cooperation over competition. The emphasis is on creating a robust environment where services can operate in compliance with CBN regulations. By doing so, Unified Payment seeks to foster a healthier and more cooperative industry landscape, ensuring that various operators and service providers can work together effectively.

Focus on Regulatory Compliance

One of the major focuses of the PTSA platform is to help industry players adhere to policies and regulations set forth by the CBN. Ensuring regulatory compliance will enhance the oversight of transactions conducted through Points of Sale (PoS) systems. This increased scrutiny is essential for creating a transparent and secure payment infrastructure, thereby boosting confidence among users and operators alike.

Public and Government Interaction

The new platform aims to address and manage various forms of misconduct in electronic transactions, a concern for both the government and the public. By enforcing more disciplined and compliant transaction processes, the PTSA platform seeks to foster enhanced trust and reliability in Nigeria’s electronic payment system. This public and governmental interaction is crucial for maintaining a secure and transparent environment for all electronic transactions.

Building a Collaborative Ecosystem

Unified Payment Services Limited has unveiled its new Payment Terminal Service Aggregator (PTSA) platform, designed to improve and streamline electronic payment transactions throughout Nigeria. This significant development was announced by the Group Managing Director, Mr. Agada Apochi, during a media briefing held in Lagos.

Mr. Apochi provided an in-depth explanation of the PTSA platform’s strategic objectives and operational features, emphasizing its potential to transform the payment landscape in Nigeria. He noted that the platform’s launch marks a pivotal step in advancing financial technology in the country, aiming to provide more efficient, secure, and accessible payment solutions for businesses and consumers alike.

The introduction of the PTSA platform aligns with Unified Payment Services Limited’s commitment to driving innovation in Nigeria’s payment ecosystem. By integrating multiple payment terminals and services, the platform aspires to simplify transactions, reduce redundancies, and boost overall consumer confidence in electronic payments. This initiative is expected to foster economic growth and enhance the ease of doing business in Nigeria.

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