Transforming Insurance: Strategic Alliance to Revolutionize Digital Risk Transfer and Decision-Making

Insurance technology provider AdvantageGo and insurtech solutions provider Zywave have announced a new strategic alliance aimed at improving underwriter decision-making. The focus of the alliance is on integrating Zywave’s ClarionDoor and AdvantageGo’s Underwriting Workbench.

With a rapidly changing insurance landscape, the integration is timely and necessary. Today, insurance customers demand speed, accuracy, and transparency in the underwriting process. By combining ClarionDoor, a robust rating, and distribution platform, with AdvantageGo’s Underwriting Workbench, which offers data analytics and other tools for underwriters, the joint solution will streamline underwriting processes and provide users with a comprehensive view of the information required to make better-informed decisions.

Zywave joins AdvantageGo’s ecosystem

Zywave’s addition to AdvantageGo’s ecosystem, a collection of technology and data vendors, is a huge plus factor. The ecosystem provides clients with a more complete and single view of risk, enabling them to make better-informed decisions. Ian Summers, Global Business Leader at AdvantageGo, welcomed Zywave to the ecosystem and acknowledged the alliance’s potential to provide a powerful combination of technical and functional benefits.

This integration enhances operational efficiency and speeds up the quoting process

The integration of the two platforms is intended to improve operational efficiency and speed up the quoting process. Combining ClarionDoor with AdvantageGo’s Underwriting Workbench means automating key manual processes and rationalizing pricing and underwriting data. This results in an underwriting process that is faster and more automated, which leads to a significant reduction in time-to-market.

Underwriting Workbench has a pre-built ClarionDoor integration

As part of the partnership, AdvantageGo’s Underwriting Workbench will be available with a pre-built integration into ClarionDoor’s rating and distribution solution. Users will have a low-code/no-code environment to develop, design, and price risks quickly and easily – giving them more time and space to focus on the decisions that matter.

Advantages of the Future Digital Marketplace

This strategic alliance is poised to be a game-changer in the insurance industry. The integration of ClarionDoor and AdvantageGo’s Underwriting Workbench opens up new opportunities to create breakthrough products and enter new markets. Additionally, the integration delivers on the vision of offering a customer experience-driven sharing economy, where customers not only interact with products and services but also participate in their creation and the exchange of value.

The alliance positions both companies at the forefront of the future digital marketplace, which will be driven by a greater need for a customer-oriented and data-driven approach to underwriting. As technology continues to disrupt the traditional insurance industry, insurance organizations will need to embrace innovation and deliver value to customers quickly and efficiently.

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