Unveils Enhanced Hosted Payment Pages at Money20/20

In a world where digital transactions are swiftly becoming the norm, any innovation that eases the process while bolstering security is met with keen interest. The announcement from, an account-to-account payment infrastructure provider, regarding the introduction of their new hosted payment pages at Money20/20 Europe, emerges as a beacon of advancement in the Pay by Bank space. This initiative not only elevates user experiences but also aims to significantly enhance conversion rates for merchants. With online banking payments predicted to soar beyond $288 billion in Europe by 2027, solutions like these hosted pages are pivotal in paving the way for a more streamlined and user-friendly payment infrastructure.

The Cutting-Edge Hosted Payment Platform

Streamlining the User Experience’s new hosted payment pages are expertly crafted to provide a seamless user experience, from improved bank authentication to a one-click bank selection journey. The efforts to reduce redirects and offer a refreshed interface are designed to cater to both desktop and mobile users, guaranteeing versatility across devices. By prioritizing popular banks and recalling user preferences, smoothens the bank selection process, making it faster and more intuitive. In an age where user attention is hard-won, such streamlined navigation is invaluable in retaining customer interest and loyalty.

Customization and Engagement

Driving engagement through customization, the novel hosted payment pages empower Payment Service Providers, banks, and merchants to offer Pay by Bank capabilities under their own brand, fostering a sense of familiarity and trust with users. The flexibility in this model allows for an extension of brand identity into the payment experience, which is essential in an increasingly competitive digital marketplace.’s proposition is that a customized payment page not only attracts users but also maintains their engagement, leading to higher transaction successes and brand reinforcement.

Strategic Partnerships and Market Integration

Partner Success: Prommt’s Orchestration’s first foray into the practical application of these payment pages is evident through their partnership with Dublin-based Prommt. Focused on payment orchestration, Prommt’s involvement exemplifies how seamlessly Pay by Bank can be integrated across various sectors, including hospitality and retail. With a remarkable 93% payment success rate and a substantial reduction in card fee expenses, Prommt’s clients have readily adopted this method, signaling swift market penetration and approval. These numbers aren’t just statistics; they represent a real-world affirmation of the effectiveness of’s payment solutions.

Driving Efficiency and Reducing Costs

In the fast-evolving realm of digital finance,’s latest offering at Money20/20 Europe has captured the attention of the fintech community. As a leading provider in account-to-account payments, their newly launched hosted payment pages mark a significant advancement in the Pay by Bank domain. These pages are designed not just to streamline the transaction experience for users but also to drive conversion rates for merchants—a move with far-reaching benefits in our increasingly digital economy. Online banking payments in Europe are on track to reach an astounding $288 billion by 2027, and innovations like’s facilitated payment infrastructure are key to navigating this future with greater ease and security. The digital payment landscape is ready for transformative solutions that combine convenience with robust security measures, indicating a promising future for seamless transactions.

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