Till Payments Teams Up with BigCommerce for Payment Solutions

In a significant move for the e-commerce industry, Till Payments, operating under the umbrella of Nuvei, has announced a strategic partnership with BigCommerce, one of the leading SaaS e-commerce platforms on the market. Designed to revolutionize online payment processing for businesses worldwide, this collaboration will integrate Till’s robust payment capabilities into the BigCommerce ecosystem.

Elevating Online Transactions

The retail landscape has been undergoing a dramatic transformation, with merchants striving to bridge the gap between their physical and digital storefronts. The partnership between Till Payments and BigCommerce marks a stride forward in this effort, promising to unify online and offline payment services. This integration is particularly advantageous for retailers pursuing a multi-channel strategy, as it ensures that customers enjoy a consistent payment experience across all channels. From simply processing a transaction to managing multi-currency payments, this alliance brings simplicity and advanced security through technologies like 3DS2, directly into the hands of merchants.

Streamlining the customer transaction experience is paramount, and by consolidating payment services with a single provider, businesses can foster greater efficiency. This is not only a matter of convenience but also a considerable enhancement in security. The transparent and secure handling of transactions is critical in building trust with customers, which in turn drives retention and fosters long-term growth.

Commitment to Merchant Success

The synergy of Till Payments and BigCommerce is rooted in a shared goal of simplifying e-commerce transactions. Paul Kawtal, CEO of Till Payments, underscores their shared dedication to delivering uncomplicated payment solutions. He points out the potential for a significant impact on retailers, especially in the mid-market and enterprise sectors. Improvements envisaged by this partnership are expected to ripple through to the actual checkout experience, potentially making it more straightforward for customers navigating both online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Echoing this sentiment, Shannon Ingrey from BigCommerce recognizes this collaboration as a testament to their commitment to integrating high-grade technologies that bolster customer growth. By focusing on quality and transparency, this partnership not only aims to streamline payments but also to set a benchmark for customer service within the e-commerce payment processing landscape.

Integration for Enhanced Customer Experience

Till Payments, a division of Nuvei, has struck a pivotal deal with BigCommerce, a top player in the SaaS e-commerce arena, signaling a transformative leap for the online retail sector. This alliance intends to reshape the landscape of virtual payment processing across the globe by weaving Till’s sophisticated payment solutions seamlessly into the BigCommerce framework. This strategic collaboration is poised to empower businesses with an enhanced, streamlined online payment experience, leveraging the strengths of Till’s innovative technologies. As e-commerce continues to boom, such partnerships are crucial in advancing the capabilities merchants need to succeed in an increasingly digital marketplace. This integration signifies a forward-thinking approach to e-commerce, ensuring merchants have the tools for efficient and secure transactions, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and driving sales.

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