Till Payments and BigCommerce Unite for Retail Payment Innovation

The retail sector is witnessing a significant metamorphosis as Till Payments, a member of the Nuvei Corporation family, joins forces with BigCommerce in a trailblazing alliance poised to reshape the landscape of payment processing for retail businesses globally. This strategic partnership heralds an era of enhanced convenience and efficiency, enabling merchants on BigCommerce’s robust platform to leverage Till Payments’ sophisticated suite of transaction processing services. Together, they provide a cohesive experience, blending online and brick-and-mortar sales channels into a singular, streamlined operation.

The Game-changing Integration

Advancing Checkout and Security

The integration presents an array of key functionalities necessary for a comprehensive payment solution. Retailers now have access to features ranging from a versatile online checkout process to multi-currency support, catering to a global customer base. The partnership introduces innovative elements like pre-authorizations and rigorous refund management systems, elevating the standard for transaction processing. Notably, the next-generation 3DS2 technology is a boon for security-conscious customers and merchants alike, offering an additional layer of protection for online transactions.

Merchants can look forward to flexible, bank-independent fast settlements, with the promise of same-day or next-day funding, which is critically important for maintaining healthy cash flow. By not binding retailers to any particular banking institution for settlement, they gain much-needed financial agility. Additionally, an array of popular digital payment options is now at their fingertips, matching consumer preferences and modern trends. The acceptance of payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, AliPay+, and PayPal could significantly improve the checkout experience for customers and drive up sales completion rates.

Enhancing Data Insights and Merchant Support

A central feature of Till Payments’ service suite is the Till Portal, a sophisticated platform that gives retailers a panoramic view of their store’s performance by consolidating transaction data and insights. This level of visibility into payment processing is invaluable for merchants aiming to fine-tune their business strategies. The simplified integration process is another highlight, designed for existing Till customers to activate online checkout within their BigCommerce accounts effortlessly, and complete support is readily available for new merchants via expert Till specialists who are well-versed in BigCommerce’s ecosystem.

Strategic Vision and Competitive Edge

Commitment to Simplified Solutions

Till Payments is cementing its reputation as a driver of innovation in the payment acquisition arena. By casting aside the traditional, often convoluted pricing and service models that have beset the retail sector, Till signals its commitment to transparency and fairness. This move is part of a larger strategic venture by Till Payments, aiming to amplify payment solutions across various industries. It’s the embodiment of a vision to not just streamline the payment process but to construct a more just and uncomplicated system of payment acquisition.

Synergy for Growth and Success

The transformation sweeping across the retail arena is propelled to new heights as Till Payments, a proud part of Nuvei Corporation, unites with BigCommerce. This groundbreaking partnership is set to revolutionize payment handling for retailers worldwide. It signals the dawn of an age marked by superior ease and efficiency, as BigCommerce’s merchants can now tap into Till Payments’ advanced payment processing solutions. This alliance forges a harmonized retail experience, seamlessly integrating e-commerce with traditional in-store transactions. Retailers empowered by this collaboration will navigate a unified sales ecosystem, meticulously crafted to obliterate the barriers between online and physical storefronts. It’s a transformative shift that promises to streamline operations and set a new standard for retail payment systems, establishing a future where shopping and payment solutions are inextricably linked, delivering a frictionless experience for merchants and their customers alike.

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