“Revolutionizing Wealth Management: Kiatnakin Phatra Securities Partners with Temenos for Service Advancement”

Kiatnakin Phatra Securities Plc. selects Temenos to advance its service platform.

Kiatnakin Phatra Securities Plc. has announced its partnership with Temenos, a leading banking software provider, to advance its service platform. With this partnership, Kiatnakin Phatra Securities aims to digitize more operational elements, improve sales efficiency, and broaden the range of products.

Enhanced front-office capabilities.

The front-office capabilities of Temenos Wealth will enable Kiatnakin Phatra Securities to digitize more operational elements, broaden the range of products, and increase the sales efficiency of its front office. This will drive better outcomes for its customers while also streamlining its internal processes.

A world-class portfolio management system.

Temenos Wealth offers a portfolio management system that has been specifically developed for advisors and portfolio managers. It comes with sophisticated functionality across profiling, modeling, performance reporting, risk, and compliance. These capabilities will enable Kiatnakin Phatra Securities to better serve its customers looking to invest in wealth management.

Engaging Temenos Delivery Partner, Syncordis.

Kiatnakin Phatra Securities has engaged Temenos delivery partner, Syncordis to lead the transformation project. Syncordis is building a Temenos Wealth Center of Excellence that offers bespoke training services for internal teams and customers of Temenos in Thailand. This will enable Kiatnakin Phatra Securities to leverage their new platform better and enhance their expertise to provide better services to their clients.

Underlying growth strategy.

This platform advancement underpins Kiatnakin Phatra Financial Group’s growth strategy and ambition to be the leading provider of wealth management services in Thailand. With the adoption of Temenos Wealth, Kiatnakin Phatra Securities will be better equipped to differentiate themselves and grow in a highly competitive market.

Temenos Excited to Power Future Growth.

Temenos is delighted to have been selected by Kiatnakin Phatra Securities as the wealth management platform to power their future growth. The partnership with Kiatnakin Phatra Securities represents a significant step in Temenos’ ambition to be the global leader in wealth management software.

Syncordis’ Managing Director comments.

Muraleetharan, Managing Director of Syncordis, an LTIMindtree company, added, “We are delighted to partner with Kiatnakin Phatra Securities to undertake this significant wealth transformation program and implement Temenos’ market-leading wealth management platform. Our expertise in operating in Southeast Asia, coupled with our deep experience in implementing Temenos solutions, will ensure a successful transformation for Kiatnakin Phatra Securities.”

Consolidating front office architecture.

With this platform, Kiatnakin Phatra Securities will be able to consolidate their wealth front office architecture to support more streamlined processes and improve sales efficiency across their entire investment product line. This will enable them to better serve their customers and deliver value across the board.

Continued differentiation in a competitive market.

Craig Bennett, Managing Director of Asia Pacific at Temenos, added, “Temenos, Syncordis, and Kiatnakin Phatra Securities worked very closely to steer this initiative that will help the company continue to differentiate and grow in a highly competitive market.” By adopting Temenos Wealth, Kiatnakin Phatra Securities will not only differentiate themselves but also improve their ability to serve their customers and bring more value to their offerings. With this software, they are well positioned for continued growth and success.

In conclusion, Kiatnakin Phatra Securities’ partnership with Temenos is a significant step in their growth strategy. By digitizing operational elements and streamlining internal processes, they will be better equipped to serve their customers and lead the wealth management industry in Thailand.

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