Ocho: Revolutionizing Personal Finance for Business Owners Through Education and Holistic Services

Ocho is a financial technology company founded by Ankur Nagpal in 2020. Nagpal is a former founder of Teachable who realized that the company’s debut product was not a venture-backed business in and of itself. Therefore, he pivoted to create Ocho, a brokerage platform that allows people to invest in a variety of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and stocks, with financial advisor support services available. The company is also working on offering other types of accounts to its users.

Ankur Nagpal, founder of Ocho, realized that Teachable’s debut product, a platform that enables individuals to create and sell online courses, was not a venture-backed business in itself. He recognized the need to pivot and create a financial technology company called Ocho, which could benefit from the investment ecosystem. Nagpal’s decision has enabled the company to create a product that serves its customers’ financial needs while also benefiting from venture capital.

Ocho’s current business model is that of a brokerage platform that enables individuals to invest in ETFs and stocks. Customers can access financial advisor support services to assist with making investment decisions. The platform’s ultimate goal is to provide access to a broad range of financial products, including other account types, to its users.

Ocho focuses on education and conservative investments. The platform offers educational resources to support users in making informed investment decisions. Ocho’s objective is to educate its users on sound investment strategies, leading to better investment decisions. Furthermore, the platform prioritizes conservative investments that offer lower risk to its users.

The company generates revenue only from a $299 per year annual subscription fee. Ocho’s decision to charge an annual subscription fee is rare in the financial technology industry, as many platforms charge a percentage of the user’s assets. Ocho has decided to avoid charging its users a percentage of their investment assets.

Ocho’s avoidance of the customer acquisition rate race

Ocho aims to avoid the customer acquisition rate race. The company has spent zero dollars on paid marketing and intends to continue this approach for the next few years. Instead, the platform intends to attract customers and build brand trust by offering equity to some of the most prominent tech influencers and builders in the industry.

The company is aiming to build customer trust by offering equity to significant tech influencers and builders in the industry. Through this approach, Ocho aims to promote its brand and establish its platform as a trusted resource for investing. The company’s innovative approach has the potential to set a precedent for other financial technology companies.

Ocho’s seed funding round led by Vibe Capital

Ocho has raised a $4.5 million seed round led by Vibe Capital, which is Ankur Nagpal’s venture fund. Vibe Capital’s decision to lead the seed round exemplifies the confidence Nagpal has in his own platform. The seed round also includes investments from over 200 techies, including Mercury’s Immad Akhund, AngelList’s Avlok Kohli, and Elizabeth Yin’s Hustle Fund.

Investments from over 200 techies in Ocho’s seed round

Each investor was allowed to contribute up to a $10,000 maximum, which Nagpal says was pivotal in helping them create an “army of stakeholders and supporters.” The result is a community of individuals who have a vested interest in the platform’s success. Ocho’s seed round marks a crucial milestone in the company’s development, one that could lead to more innovation and investment in the future.


Ocho is a unique financial technology company that focuses on education, conservatism, and innovative equity offerings. Ankur Nagpal’s decision to pivot from Teachable to create Ocho has enabled the company to tap into the investment ecosystem while providing its users with sound financial advice. With its pioneering approach to equity offerings and emphasis on building customer trust, Ocho is poised to become a leading financial technology platform for investors.

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