Mollie and Riverty Partner to Enhance E-commerce BNPL Solutions in Europe

The European e-commerce sector is set to see significant advancements in payment flexibility with the strategic partnership between Mollie, a notable payment service provider, and Riverty, a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solution. By joining forces, the two companies aim to enrich the array of payment solutions available to Mollie’s customers across Europe. This collaboration will allow users in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Austria to defer payments by up to 30 days, a feature poised to foster better conversion rates and simplify the payment process. Enhancing payment flexibility for online retailers and their customers is the primary theme, reflecting a growing trend among fintech companies to cater to evolving consumer and merchant needs.

Seamless Integration and Brand Focus

Riverty’s seamless integration into the Mollie platform stands as one of the cornerstones of this partnership. The streamlined activation process through the Mollie Dashboard ensures that merchants can easily offer BNPL solutions without the hassles typically associated with adding new payment methods. Notably, this collaboration also underscores Riverty’s commitment to maintaining the merchant’s brand at the forefront. By offering extensive branding configurability across various touchpoints in the payment process, Riverty aims to bolster consumer loyalty and elevate brand visibility. This approach is designed not only to simplify transactions but also to create a more personalized and engaging consumer experience.

Mollie’s existing infrastructure, already robust with numerous payment options, is significantly enhanced by adding Riverty’s BNPL solutions, lifting the total to more than 30 different payment methods. This diversification aligns well with the ambitions of both companies within the European market, further consolidating their positions as leaders in the fintech industry. Offering such a wide range of payment options helps cater to the unique preferences and circumstances of diverse customer segments, thereby ensuring that neither customers nor merchants feel constrained by limited payment choices.

Achieving Common Goals

Both Mollie and Riverty share a common vision: to enhance the e-commerce payment landscape in Europe by offering flexible and branded BNPL solutions. Mollie’s CEO, Koen Köppen, emphasizes the synergy between the companies and views the addition of Riverty’s BNPL method as a significant milestone in their journey to align more closely with customer needs. This is corroborated by previous successful launches such as Mollie Terminal and Mollie Invoicing. The partnership is seen as a complementary expansion of Mollie’s existing services, which aim to reduce friction in the customer’s payment experience while increasing conversion rates for merchants.

On the other side, Jörg Schnelle, Chief Commercial Officer at Riverty, highlights that the partnership’s goal is to help merchants retain and convert customers while remaining true to their brand identity. Riverty offers a comprehensive service that encompasses not only payment selection but also invoice acquisition, payment reminders, and debt collection. This holistic approach ensures that merchants receive robust support, reducing the overhead associated with managing various aspects of payments and collections. With the brand-centric focus, Riverty assures merchants that their branding remains consistent and visible throughout the payment process, a crucial factor in building long-term consumer trust and loyalty.

Expanding Horizons in the Fintech Market

The European e-commerce sector is on the brink of major improvements in payment flexibility due to a strategic partnership between Mollie, a well-known payment service provider, and Riverty, a prominent Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solution. The collaboration aims to broaden the variety of payment options available to Mollie’s European clients. This alliance will particularly benefit users in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Austria by allowing them to postpone payments for up to 30 days. Such a feature is expected to boost conversion rates and streamline the payment process for online retailers and their customers alike. This initiative aligns with a broader trend among fintech companies to adapt to the evolving needs of both consumers and merchants by enhancing payment flexibility. The partnership between Mollie and Riverty marks a significant step forward in making e-commerce more convenient and adaptable, reflecting the ongoing efforts in the financial technology sector to deliver innovative solutions that cater to modern market demands.

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