Mobile Gamers to Cut In-App Spending in 2024, Survey Says

A recent Mistplay survey canvassing 2,000 North American mobile gamers has revealed a potential dip in the in-app purchase (IAP) market. Around 32% of those surveyed across the US and Canada have signaled an intent to scale back on mobile game spending in 2024. This decrease indicates a substantial shift in the mobile gaming space, where in-app purchases have traditionally been a strong revenue stream.

Survey Insights and Gamer Categories

The survey categorizes players based on IAP proclivities:

– ‘Casual users’ typically engage with less demanding genres like puzzles and simulations;
– ‘Midcore spenders’ gravitate toward more intense games such as strategy, action, and RPGs; and
– ‘Lucky consumers’ who often partake in social casino games.

Amid changing economic conditions, these user groups exhibit varying spending futures, with midcore gamers and casual users expected to be the most conservative.

Industry Strategies for Mitigating Spending Declines

Given the projected spending reductions, industry strategists suggest new IAP techniques, including:

– Personalized deals
– More robust loyalty systems
– Expansion into DTC web shops.

These changes could potentially offset the spending downturn and enhance revenue by as much as 25%. This adaptation signifies the growing need for innovation within the mobile gaming industry, to not only sustain but also expand its financial success in the face of a fluctuating market.

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