MANGOPAY and PayPal Extend Strategic Partnership, Empowering Marketplaces to Create Dynamic Payment Experiences

In today’s digital age, marketplace businesses depend on frictionless payment experiences to boost user satisfaction and revenue. This is where MANGOPAY and PayPal come in, two industry leaders in the world of online payments. The strategic partnership between the two companies is not a recent development, but the latest announcement reveals a notable extension of this relationship, with enhanced functionality for their clients.

MANGOPAY’s platform offers a range of sophisticated payment features and functionalities to businesses that seek to create a customized payment experience for their buyers and sellers. By integrating PayPal’s tools into their offering, MANGOPAY empowers clients to effortlessly create dynamic payment experiences for their customers. This simplifies the process of accepting payments from clients worldwide, eliminating concerns over time zones or currency conversions for merchants.

With the extended partnership, end-users now have direct access to PayPal’s tools via MANGOPAY’s payment infrastructure. This allows customers to choose how they want to pay for their purchases, either through PayPal or other payment methods like credit card or bank transfer. With this feature, the checkout process is simplified, making it more convenient for users to complete their transactions.

MANGOPAY’s payment infrastructure supports all types of marketplaces, from B2B to B2C and C2C platforms. This means businesses of all sizes and industries can use MANGOPAY’s technology to customize their payment experiences by using a single integration.

In conclusion, the extension of the partnership between MANGOPAY and PayPal is an exciting development for both companies and their clients. The integration of PayPal’s payment tools will make it easier for businesses to create a customized payment experience that meets the needs of all their customers. Additionally, the incorporation of Nethone’s technology, invested in CyberTech company Deep Instinct, will ensure that businesses and their customers are protected from fraudulent activities. With its ongoing partnerships with firms like ConsenSys, PayPal is positioning itself at the forefront of the rapidly evolving digital payments industry.

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