Linnovate Partners Secures $40M from SeaTown for FinTech Growth

In a significant milestone for the FinTech industry, Linnovate Partners, an avant-garde asset servicing firm specializing in the alternative investment sector, has acquired a whopping $40 million infusion from SeaTown Private Capital Master Fund. This strategic financial collaboration is set to bolster the former’s technological prowess and expand its operational capabilities. Linnovate Partners, renowned for their transformative approach to automating mid-to-back-office functions in fund administration, will utilize the investment to innovate and meet the escalating demand for tech-driven services. This funding marks a paradigm shift as it embodies the convergence of traditional financial acumen with cutting-edge technology to redefine operational efficiency and client services in the alternative investment landscape.

Strategic Investment and Technological Advancement

Linnovate Partners has carved a niche for itself by offering exceptional mid-to-back office solutions to the alternative investment sector, eliminating the drudgery of manual processes through technological innovation. Their proprietary cloud-based platform, RAISE, exemplifies this by providing streamlined services encompassing Fund Administration, Investor Relations, Regulatory Compliance, Reporting Services, and Technology Consulting. With the fresh capital from SeaTown, Linnovate is poised to enhance RAISE, ensuring that their offering stays at the forefront of the FinTech evolution. The investment from SeaTown, a subsidiary of the prominent Seviora group within Temasek, signifies not only a financial boost but also an alliance that brings together expertise, resources, and a shared vision for the future of financial technology.

The advent of this financial partnership is a clarion call to the industry, signaling a trend where the nexus between financial investment and technological advancement is set to become the new normal. In this dynamic partnership, SeaTown acknowledges the robust, technology-centric approach that Linnovate embodies. The investment will empower Linnovate Partners to invigorate their service delivery, foster innovation, and solidify their market position. This strategic collaboration is expected to catalyze Linnovate’s growth trajectory, enabling them to address the burgeoning demand for sophisticated, tech-enabled solutions in fund administration and asset servicing.

Leveraging Investment for Customer-Centric Growth

Under the leadership of CEO Henry Lin, Linnovate Partners is poised to reshape the asset servicing industry by aligning customer needs with innovative technology. The substantial investment from SeaTown will boost Linnovate’s expansion and enhance their services. With Lin at the helm, the firm targets new heights in offering unmatched value to their clients, as they move toward high efficiency through automated solutions.

SeaTown’s Managing Director, Dickson Loo, stands behind this collaboration, admiring Linnovate’s tech-driven and customer-focused approach. This partnership signals SeaTown’s belief in Linnovate’s potential for growth and scaling, providing their expertise and resources. Together, both entities aim to redefine industry standards for service and innovation, thereby transforming expectations in FinTech and alternative investments.

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