How Will Project Impact Transform Insurance Agency Workflows?

In the quest to boost operational efficiency within the insurance sector, Vertafore has stepped up with a visionary initiative named Project Impact. Aimed squarely at revolutionizing the way independent agencies handle their daily business, the project is a response to a crucial industry challenge. A recent study, the Big “I” Agency Universe Study, found that more than half of the agencies surveyed are clamoring for increased operating efficiencies. Vertafore took note and proposed a solution that could potentially save account managers up to two hours per day—time that can be reinvested into strategic work or customer service.

The Quest for Efficiency

The path to heightened efficiency paved by Project Impact encompasses a variety of workflow enhancements and significant product updates, which will be rolled out over two years. Among these improvements is the overhaul of the commercial insurance certificate issuance process. Historically a cumbersome task, this enhancement alone could cut down significant time for agents. Moreover, Project Impact seeks to simplify the act of data mapping into ACORD forms—one of the more time-consuming aspects of insurance administration. By refining how policy data is managed, the initiative will enable agents to manipulate and analyze client information with far greater ease than before.

Another facet of Project Impact is the adoption of standardized models for new specialty lines, which aims to simplify product management and reduce learning curves for new agents. The integration of smart prefill and third-party data prefill capabilities stands out as well, promising to minimize the number of steps required to complete tasks while concurrently lowering the risk of data entry errors. These technological enhancements are not only expected to enhance the user experience for insurance professionals but also ensure that the data they work with is more reliable and accurate.

Partner Feedback and Industry Advancement

Taking the lead in enhancing operational productivity in the insurance realm, Vertafore has unveiled an ambitious effort, Project Impact. This initiative is a forward-thinking strategy specifically designed to transform operational processes for independent agencies. It addresses a critical concern within the sector, as underscored by the Big “I” Agency Universe Study. The study revealed a significant demand from over half of the participating agencies seeking to bolster their operational efficiency. Vertafore’s innovative proposal is aimed at granting account managers a substantial time saving of up to two hours each day. This newfound time can then be reallocated towards more strategic initiatives or improving client relations. Project Impact represents a potential game-changer for those in the insurance industry, providing a blueprinted path to amplified productivity and enhanced client engagement.

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