Fueling Green Innovations: BasaltCoin Catalyzes Sustainable Solutions By Bridging Inventors and Investors

Green technology has become a growing trend worldwide, and blockchain-powered projects in this space are gaining popularity. BasaltCoin is one such project that aims to commercialize intellectual property in green tech and blockchain by connecting inventors and investors, ultimately helping the community increase their income. The project has piqued the interest of investors, and the BasaltCoin presale offers an excellent opportunity to get involved at an early stage.

BasaltCoin – Connecting inventors and investors

BasaltCoin is a blockchain-powered project that connects inventors of green technology with investors with the aim of commercializing their inventions worldwide. The project seeks to create a platform that links green innovators with investors, bridging the gap between funding and implementation.

BasaltCoin aims to build a community of sustainable energy solutions by introducing green tech projects on the blockchain. The project is designed to help inventors, investors, and the community at large through the creation of new green technologies. This approach could significantly reduce the carbon footprint of existing solutions, which is especially critical as the world moves towards a sustainable future.

Opportunity for investors: Presale price

The BasaltCoin presale offers an excellent opportunity for investors to get in on the ground floor. The token is currently priced at 0.05 USD, making it affordable for investors who want to participate early. By investing in BasaltCoin at this early stage, investors stand to benefit from the expected growth of the project.

Presale Rounds: Dates and Prices

The first round of the presale began on March 26, 2023, and will last until May 10, 2023, with the price remaining the same at 0.05 USD. The second round of the presale will begin on May 20, 2023, and will last until June 10, 2023, with the price increasing to 0.07 USD.

Investors who buy BasaltCoin during the presale can capitalize on a lower price point and potentially higher return on investment (ROI) in the future. BasaltCoin has carefully designed the presale rounds to ensure fair pricing, with a gradual increase in the price of the token as the project grows.

Decentralized Wallet and Security

BasaltCoin is dedicated to providing the highest security standards to its customers. To achieve this, the project’s decentralized wallet will be connected to the BasaltCoin hardware wallet and the company’s own DEX L4. This will facilitate full decentralization and security for customers’ funds, ensuring that they are kept safe at all times.

Referral awards and KYC rewards

As part of the presale bonus program, BasaltCoin offers a partner referral award program with a 2.5% reward for each referral. Additionally, participants who complete KYC will be rewarded with 50 BASALT coins. These initiatives encourage community participation, and reward individuals for their contributions and support of the project.

Investing in BasaltCoin – GreenTech and Digital Assets

By investing in BasaltCoin, investors will not only be part of the green tech revolution but also at the forefront of the digital and real assets sphere. BasaltCoin is dedicated to creating sustainable solutions that can reduce the carbon footprint around the world. Its blockchain-powered platform can bring transparency, accountability, and a global market to these solutions, creating new and exciting opportunities for investors.


BasaltCoin is an exciting project that has the potential to make a real difference in the world. The project is dedicated to creating green solutions, connecting inventors with investors, and empowering the community. The presale offers investors an exceptional opportunity to get in early, capitalize on low prices, and be part of a growing community that helps create a more sustainable world. Invest in BasaltCoin today and help support the next wave of green solutions around the world.

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