FIS Launches Atelio Platform to Drive Embedded Finance Growth

The technology company FIS has unveiled its latest accomplishment in the world of finance – the Atelio platform. This pioneering offering is designed to usher in a new era of embedded finance, an innovative trend that interlaces financial services with non-financial businesses. With Atelio, FIS is granting companies from diverse industries the capability to easily embed banking and payment functionalities directly into their products or services. This initiative greets customers with convenient financial experiences where traditional and FinTech entities can merge their strengths to deliver seamless transactions such as making deposits, moving money, issuing cards, and handling invoices, all within their existing ecosystem.

Positioned at the Forefront of Market Trends

The arrival of Atelio by FIS is timely, as research by Bain & Company pinpoints an estimated 10% of transactions featuring embedded finance by 2026. The platform is projected to not only meet but revolutionize consumer demand within this domain, facilitating transactions worth a stunning $7 trillion and potentially generating in excess of $50 billion in revenue. Banks that are keen to adopt such embedded finance solutions are observing an invigorating deposit growth, demonstrating the undeniable potential and need for platforms like Atelio. The inception of Atelio sees KeyBank, College Ave, and Royal Pay among the first to harness the platform’s prowess, tailoring distinctive financial solutions that speak directly to their consumer base.

Empowerment Through Technological Innovation

FIS, while stationed in Jacksonville, Florida, maintains a far-reaching influence that extends to the global stage. Since its inaugural participation at FinovateSpring in 2013, FIS has entrenched itself within the financial industry, offering indispensable technology to an astonishing 95% of the world’s banks. Furthermore, the company is a powerhouse in the processing of financial transactions, managing over $1 trillion each month and annually conducting transactions worth $50 trillion through its sophisticated asset management technology. The launch of Atelio comes on the heels of another triumph: a consistent financial growth trajectory which marks the fifth sequential quarter of either meeting or eclipsing financial forecasts—a testament to the robustness of FIS under the guidance of CEO and President Stephanie Ferris.

Forging the Future of Financial Services

FIS has introduced Atelio, a platform arriving at a pivotal moment as Bain & Company’s research reveals that by 2026, about 10% of financial transactions could include embedded finance. Atelio is set to transform this sector by powering an anticipated $7 trillion in transactions, which could yield over $50 billion in revenue. Its launch is proving timely for banks looking for growth through embedded finance solutions, with some already experiencing a surge in deposits. Early adopters like KeyBank, College Ave, and Royal Pay are leveraging Atelio to craft tailored financial offerings for their customers. This adoption underscores the burgeoning need for such innovative platforms that seamlessly integrate financial services into the consumer experience, thereby catalyzing a significant shift in how people engage with financial transactions. Atelio’s potential to shape the future of embedded finance positions it as an essential tool for financial institutions striving to stay ahead in a rapidly-evolving market.

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