Elevating Payment Facilitation: Cardstream’s Innovative PayFac-as-a-Service Solution

As the world is shifting towards digital payments, payment service providers play a crucial role in facilitating seamless transactions. The European payment service provider, Cardstream, has recently announced its launch of a new white-label PayFac-as-a-Service. This new offering will provide a consolidated platform to businesses for payment facilitation and also ensure compliance with regulations.

Cardstream launches white-label PayFac-as-a-Service

Cardstream’s latest offering, PayFac-as-a-Service, is an all-in-one solution for businesses in need of payment facilitation services. The platform is a white-label service, which means businesses can customize the payment solution’s look and feel to match their branding. It comes with various features, including transaction monitoring, reporting, integration with anti-fraud services, and access to a network of acquirers.

Regulatory compliance for customers without a license

One of the significant advantages of Cardstream’s PayFac-as-a-Service is the compliance support that businesses receive, even if they do not have a license. Operating a payment facilitation solution without a license is unauthorized and can invite hefty fines. However, Cardstream’s regulatory position allows businesses to operate compliantly, even without a license. This could be beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises that may not have the resources to obtain a payment license.

Overview of Cardstream’s client portfolio

Cardstream’s client portfolio includes over 100 reseller partners with an extensive merchant network of over 18,000 businesses. The company has built a network of over 400 acquirers, shopping cart platforms, fraud providers, and alternative payment methods to support its clients’ payment processing needs.

A holistic approach to the payment facilitator market

The payment facilitator market is growing rapidly, and businesses are looking for solutions that cater to their every need. Cardstream’s PayFac-as-a-Service offers merchants a comprehensive approach to payment facilitation. This includes access to multiple payment providers, fraud prevention, transaction monitoring, and loyalty program integrations – all available on a single platform.

The European payment facilitator market is heavily regulated with the introduction of PSD2

The European payment facilitation market is heavily regulated, especially after the introduction of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) in 2018. The PSD2 mandates that payment service providers comply with strict security guidelines and customer authentication procedures. Cardstream’s regulatory position allows them to provide businesses with a compliant payment solution that meets PSD2 and other relevant regulations.

The market is expected to reach $1.72 trillion by 2024

The payment facilitator market in Europe is expected to reach a value of $1.72 trillion (€1.57 trillion) by 2024. The market growth is driven by the increase in the adoption of digital payments, the emergence of mobile banking applications, and an increase in e-commerce transactions.

Cardstream’s PayFac-as-a-Service brings a comprehensive and adaptable payment facilitation solution to businesses that seek to build a reliable payment infrastructure. With compliance regulations becoming stricter, Cardstream’s regulatory position provides businesses with a compliant payment solution even without a payment license. The company’s network of payment providers and fraud prevention services adds value to the platform, making it a dependable service for businesses. Cardstream’s growth plans indicate that the company is committed to expanding and improving its services, making it a prime choice for businesses searching for payment facilitation solutions.

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