Unlocks New Possibilities as it Enters Embedded Finance with Card Issuing Capabilities has taken a step further to deliver innovative financial solutions by branching out into embedded finance with card issuing. Their platform now provides merchants and other businesses with a streamlined way to create and manage custom-branded cards, enhancing their customer experience and opening up new revenue streams.

The move into embedded finance marks a strategic expansion for, which already provides merchants with robust payment processing capabilities. With the addition of card issuance to its stack, the company can offer a more comprehensive suite of services to its clients.

Customizable cards for clients’s clients can now issue fully customizable virtual and physical cards quickly and easily. Merchants are no longer bound to off-the-shelf offerings from their existing banks, so they can tailor their cards precisely to their customers’ needs. This innovation enables businesses to increase brand affinity by creating bespoke physical cards and delivering a seamless transaction experience with virtual cards.’s platform simplifies the complex patchwork of integrations, which can be a barrier to entry for many businesses. This ease of use unlocks new revenue streams, since businesses can easily create branded card programs that generate considerable gross revenue from interchange fees. Businesses can even receive a percentage of the card interchange fees, which can significantly enhance their income.

Potential revenue projections for embedded finance

Indeed, embedded finance can drive new revenue and growth opportunities for businesses. Recent reports have projected that embedded finance revenues will reach $7.2 trillion by 2030, indicating significant long-term potential for’s card issuing service.

Industries taking advantage of embedded finance include:

Online travel, marketplaces, loyalty, and expense programs are some of the industries that have been quick to take advantage of the lower barriers to entry into card issuance and embedded finance. With, businesses no longer need banking relationships to leverage this technology.

Unique customization options are available for branded cards

Merchants’ customers can get more than just a card to pay with via issuing platform. Brands can get creative with environmental branding by using eco-friendly or recycled materials for physical cards, or by using the brand’s characteristic color schemes. aims to help businesses enhance their cash flow and unlock new revenue opportunities through card issuance and embedded finance. The company is committed to creating innovative solutions that offer greater value to merchants by empowering them to take control of their transactions and capitalize on the booming trend in the fintech industry.

Embedded finance is here to stay. It delivers convenience, flexibility, and value to customers, while increasing brand affinity and boosting revenue for businesses. With’s card issuing service, merchants can optimize their customer experience while increasing their income streams, making the company more competitive in the market.

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