CAPE and Vexcel Join Forces to Enhance Property Risk Assessments

The strategic alliance between CAPE Analytics, a leader in AI-powered property insights, and Vexcel, a global frontrunner in aerial imaging, is poised to revolutionize property risk assessments. This collaboration promises to significantly boost CAPE’s property risk analysis capabilities and expand their offerings across the United States, Canada, and Australia. With this partnership, CAPE Analytics aims to enhance their predictive property risk insights by integrating Vexcel’s high-resolution aerial imagery. This synergy is expected to bring about a new level of precision and reliability in assessing property risks, which will be especially beneficial for insurance carriers, financial institutions, and property owners.

The Genesis of a Strategic Partnership

CAPE Analytics has been at the forefront of delivering predictive property risk insights since its inception in 2014. The firm leverages AI-driven analytics to provide over 80 property metrics, including roof condition, property age, living area, and risk factors for natural events like hail and wildfire. These insights, instantly available, have been essential for over 80 enterprise clients, including top homeowners insurance carriers in the U.S. and leading global investment banks. CAPE’s ability to generate actionable insights quickly has made it a critical tool for managing and mitigating property-level risks with unprecedented specificity.

On the other hand, Vexcel boasts an almost unparalleled aerial imagery library that covers 99.6% of the U.S. population and encompasses over 127 million households. Their urban imagery is refreshed up to three times annually in the U.S., with regular updates in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. By 2024, Vexcel aims to capture 4.4 million square kilometers in the U.S., covering 93% of the population with the latest imagery. This extensive coverage gives them the ability to provide high-resolution, up-to-date visual data that can greatly enhance property risk analysis. The immense accuracy and recency of Vexcel’s imagery set a robust foundation for integrating with AI to generate even more precise insights.

Integrating High-Resolution Imagery with AI Analytics

The collaboration leverages Vexcel’s extensive and frequently updated aerial imagery to bolster CAPE’s property insight capabilities. The partnership’s key strength lies in integrating high-resolution imagery with advanced AI analytics, an approach that promises to deliver the most precise and reliable property risk assessments to date. The visual data captured by Vexcel’s imagery provides a rich layer of information, enabling CAPE’s AI to verify, refine, and enhance the metrics it generates.

This integration enables CAPE to enhance existing metrics and deliver even more detailed analysis. For example, Vexcel’s high-resolution aerial images can identify anomalies or damage that might not be evident through traditional methods. The condition of a roof, often a critical factor in property risk assessments, can be determined more accurately with visual data, and the age of a property can be cross-verified with visual cues from the imagery. In turn, these improved data points lead to more accurate risk assessments, which are crucial for insurance underwriting and claims processing.

Expanding Geographic Reach and Market Penetration

One of the most promising aspects of this collaboration is the expanded geographic reach it offers. CAPE will now be able to extend its services into previously underserved areas, including parts of Hawaii and rural U.S. regions, as well as new international markets like New Zealand. This broader reach means more clients can benefit from CAPE’s insightful analytics powered by Vexcel’s comprehensive imagery. The ability to access high-quality data in diverse geographical regions is particularly beneficial for clients who operate in multiple locations or have properties spread across vast areas.

The expansion is not just limited to new markets but also includes post-disaster imagery and analytics. Vexcel’s Gray Sky imagery, captured after major weather events, will enable CAPE to provide timely and critical information to clients, helping them manage property risks in the aftermath of natural disasters. This feature is particularly valuable in today’s climate, where natural disasters are becoming increasingly frequent and severe. By having access to immediate post-event imagery, insurance carriers can more accurately assess damages, expedite claims processes, and mitigate further risks.

Transformative Impact on Property Risk Assessment Practices

Ryan Kottenstette, CEO of CAPE Analytics, emphasized that this partnership is set to transform property intelligence solutions in the market. The enhanced coverage and quality of images provided by Vexcel will allow CAPE to deliver the most precise and reliable property risk analytics available. This integration of robust imagery and AI-driven insights adds significant value to insurance carriers and real estate stakeholders, facilitating more informed decision-making. As a result, CAPE’s clients will benefit from more accurate risk assessments, leading to better-informed insurance underwriting, pricing, and claims management.

Erik Jorgensen, CEO of Vexcel, echoed this sentiment, acknowledging Vexcel’s recent global expansion and the potential of their best-in-class imagery to enable CAPE’s innovative property analytics across multiple countries. This partnership is a testament to the strategic use of technology to drive industry advancements. By combining Vexcel’s imagery capabilities with CAPE’s AI analytics, the two companies aim to set a new benchmark in the industry, offering unparalleled insights and precision in property risk assessment.

Enhanced Capabilities for Clients in Insurance and Real Estate

The combined capabilities of CAPE Analytics and Vexcel offer unparalleled detail and accuracy in property risk assessments. Leveraging high-resolution imagery and cutting-edge AI analytics, the collaboration is set to provide insurance carriers, financial institutions, and property owners with the most reliable tools for managing property risks. The significant improvement in the quality and accuracy of data translates into tangible benefits for these clients, including more accurate property valuations, better risk management, and informed decision-making.

For insurance carriers, the precision and specificity of this integrated service mean better risk mitigation, more accurate policy pricing, and improved claim handling. Financial institutions benefit from more accurate property valuations and better risk management, while property owners gain insightful data to maintain and protect their properties more effectively. This holistic approach to property risk assessment makes it easier for stakeholders to understand and manage the diverse risks associated with their properties.

Setting a New Standard in Property Risk Analytics

The strategic partnership between CAPE Analytics, a powerhouse in AI-driven property intelligence, and Vexcel, a global leader in aerial imaging, is set to transform property risk assessments. This collaboration is anticipated to significantly enhance CAPE’s property risk analysis capabilities, broadening their services across the United States, Canada, and Australia. Through this alliance, CAPE Analytics plans to improve their predictive property risk insights by integrating Vexcel’s high-resolution aerial imagery. This joint effort is expected to introduce a new level of accuracy and dependability in evaluating property risks, benefiting key stakeholders such as insurance carriers, financial institutions, and property owners. By leveraging Vexcel’s cutting-edge aerial technology, CAPE Analytics will be able to provide more precise and reliable data, facilitating better decision-making for risk assessment and management. This innovation promises to set a new standard in the property risk industry, making property evaluations more comprehensive and trustworthy than ever before.

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