Azqore Modernizes Payments with Volante Technologies’ PaaS Solution

The rapid evolution of the financial technology landscape necessitates continuous modernization efforts from financial institutions. With changing customer expectations and shifting regulatory demands, the need for innovative, robust solutions becomes paramount. In line with this imperative, Azqore, a leading business and technology partner for wealth managers, has chosen Volante Technologies’ Payments as a Service (PaaS) solution. This strategic partnership aims to enhance Azqore’s capabilities in delivering SEPA instant payments and ISO 20022 messaging services, positioning them at the forefront of payment system modernization.

The Need for Modernization

Evolving Customer Demands and Technological Innovation

As the financial sector evolves, customer expectations for faster and more efficient services have increased. Customers now demand near-instant transactions and reliable, seamless payment experiences. Azqore’s adoption of Volante’s PaaS is a direct response to these evolving expectations. The solution leverages low-code technology, which significantly accelerates the deployment of new financial services. This agility allows Azqore to rapidly adapt to market changes, offering innovative payment solutions that meet and exceed customer demands.

Furthermore, low-code technology represents a paradigm shift in how financial institutions develop and deploy new services. Traditional systems often require extensive coding, testing, and rollout phases, which can slow down the introduction of new functionalities. Low-code platforms like Volante’s PaaS minimize the need for complex coding, enabling faster, more responsive updates. This results in shorter time-to-market for new services, a crucial factor in the highly competitive landscape of financial technology. In adopting these innovations, Azqore underscores its commitment to maintaining a cutting-edge approach to financial services.

Regulatory Mandates Driving Change

Regulatory compliance is a cornerstone of contemporary financial operations, particularly within the European Union. The implementation of SEPA Instant Payments comes with stringent deadlines, compelling institutions to adopt compliant, scalable solutions. By integrating Volante’s PaaS, Azqore ensures adherence to these regulatory requirements while enhancing their service offerings. This alignment with regulatory mandates not only positions Azqore as a compliant entity but also as a proactive leader in payment technology modernization.

Regulatory landscapes are continually shifting, with new mandates accommodating the changing dynamics of global financial systems. Staying compliant requires institutions like Azqore to be agile and proactive. Volante’s PaaS offers the compliance capabilities necessary to meet these stringent requirements, ensuring that Azqore is always ahead of regulatory changes. This forward-thinking approach prevents costly compliance failures and fines while paving the way for smoother implementation of future regulatory updates. Overall, Azqore’s partnership with Volante positions them as a firm that not only meets but also anticipates regulatory standards, setting a benchmark for others in the industry.

Partnership Dynamics

Strategic Collaboration Overview

The partnership between Azqore and Volante Technologies is an extension of their existing collaboration, wherein Azqore had earlier adopted Volante’s low-code ISO 20022 service. This strengthened alignment aims to expedite Azqore’s multi-country, multi-bank ISO 20022 adoption program. With Volante’s expertise in payment innovation, highlighted by milestones such as processing the first U.S. RTP® transaction and the first instant payment in Saudi Arabia, Azqore is poised to leverage this deep-rooted knowledge and capability.

The ISO 20022 service that Azqore initially adopted from Volante Services underscores a foundational step towards their broader modernization goals. This service aims to streamline and standardize financial messaging, providing a framework that would support Azqore’s long-term vision. By building on this existing collaboration, Azqore can accelerate its multi-country and multi-bank adoption initiative. Such programmatic adoption across diverse banking environments necessitates a robust, adaptable solution like Volante’s. Consequently, the extended partnership facilitates a more cohesive and efficient transition to modernized payment systems, illustrating the strategic importance of such collaboration for achieving organizational transformation objectives.

Addressing Market Competitiveness

In an increasingly competitive financial landscape, the ability to swiftly integrate new services is critical. Volante’s PaaS offers a tactical advantage by providing rapid time to market and seamless integration with existing banking infrastructure. This not only ensures a swift rollout of new services but also equips Azqore with an extensible platform for future innovations. By staying ahead of the technological curve, Azqore can maintain and enhance their market position.

The financial industry is characterized by rapid technological advancements and intense competition. Institutions that lag in innovation risk losing market share to more agile competitors. Volante’s PaaS plays a critical role here by facilitating rapid integration and deployment of payment solutions, directly translating to competitive advantage. The platform’s extensible nature means Azqore can continue to innovate and extend its service offerings without overhauling its entire infrastructure. Consequently, this ability to introduce cutting-edge solutions swiftly ensures that Azqore remains a formidable player in the market, retaining customer loyalty and attracting new business in a fast-evolving landscape.

Technological and Economic Benefits

Advantages of Cloud-Based Solutions

The shift to cloud-based solutions is a clear trend in the financial sector, offering flexibility, compliance capabilities, and enhanced speed. Volante’s PaaS exemplifies these benefits, allowing Azqore to transition away from traditional, slower legacy systems to more agile, cloud-based solutions. This transition not only modernizes their payment infrastructure but also introduces economic efficiencies by reducing operational costs and improving margins, critical in the wealth management sector.

Cloud-based solutions like Volante’s PaaS come with an added benefit of scalability. As Azqore’s client base grows, the platform can easily be scaled to meet increasing demand without significant additional investment in physical infrastructure. This scalability ensures that Azqore can handle peak loads efficiently, providing uninterrupted service during high transaction periods. Additionally, the shift to the cloud reduces dependency on physical hardware, lowering maintenance and upgrade costs. Collectively, these factors contribute to significant long-term savings, allowing Azqore to invest more in innovation and customer-centric solutions, thereby strengthening its market position.

Customer-Centric Innovations

Financial institutions, including Azqore, focus increasingly on customer-centric innovations. The PaaS solution enables Azqore to deliver instant payments and ISO 20022 services more efficiently. This improves service delivery and establishes a foundation for continuous innovation, benefiting all customers. According to Belhassen Belkhechine, the Payments & Operations Product Manager at Azqore, these advancements are crucial for meeting evolving customer needs and expectations.

Customer-centric innovation is about more than just meeting current demands; it involves anticipating future needs and being prepared to meet them. Volante’s PaaS provides Azqore with the tools to continually innovate, ensuring that their services remain relevant and appealing. By offering faster, more reliable payment solutions, Azqore can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, continuous innovation fosters a dynamic service environment where customer feedback is rapidly integrated into service improvements. This ongoing cycle of innovation and adaptation ensures that Azqore remains at the cutting edge of service delivery, continuously enhancing the customer experience and staying ahead of competitors.

Broader Financial Sector Trends

Regulatory Compliance as a Catalyst

Regulatory frameworks often catalyze technological adoption and modernization. For instance, the SEPA Instant Payments mandate propels institutions to update their systems, ensuring compliance and enhancing operational efficiency. Azqore’s proactive approach in adopting Volante’s PaaS solution highlights how regulatory compliance can be a strategic driver of technological advancements in the financial sector.

Compliance-driven technological upgrades often lead to broader operational benefits beyond mere regulatory adherence. The modernization of payment systems to meet SEPA Instant Payments mandates ensures that institutions like Azqore are not only compliant but also more efficient and secure. This dual benefit showcases how regulatory pressure can act as a catalyst for comprehensive operational improvements. Adopting Volante’s PaaS underlines Azqore’s commitment to leveraging regulatory compliance as an opportunity for technological enhancement, setting a precedent for other institutions to follow and highlighting the potential for regulatory frameworks to drive meaningful industry-wide advancements.

Addressing Inefficiencies

The importance of robust, modernized payment systems is underscored by the broader impacts of inefficiencies. For example, 66% of global travel companies face margin erosion due to inefficient payment systems. Similar repercussions can be expected across various sectors, including wealth management. By modernizing their payment systems, Azqore not only mitigates such inefficiencies but also positions itself as a forward-thinking leader in financial technology.

Inefficient payment systems not only erode margins but also tarnish customer trust and satisfaction. In sectors like wealth management, where clients expect impeccable service and precision, even minor inefficiencies can have significant repercussions. By adopting Volante’s PaaS, Azqore can eliminate these inefficiencies, ensuring seamless, instant transactions that enhance client confidence and satisfaction. Modernized systems also streamline backend operations, reducing manual interventions and the associated error rates. This focus on operational excellence positions Azqore as a leader in financial services innovation, demonstrating their commitment to providing top-tier services that align with both customer expectations and industry standards.

The Role of Volante Technologies

Expertise in Payments Innovation

Volante Technologies brings a proven track record in payments innovation to the partnership. Their experience in processing first-of-its-kind transactions across different regions showcases their capability to drive the digital transformation of the payments ecosystem. According to Deepak Gupta, EVP Product, Engineering & Services at Volante, their solutions are designed to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving financial landscape, underscoring the significant value they offer to Azqore.

The breadth of Volante’s expertise extends beyond mere technical solutions; it encompasses a deep understanding of the financial ecosystem’s evolving needs. Their ability to process groundbreaking transactions, such as the first U.S. RTP® transaction and the initial instant payment in Saudi Arabia, reflects a pioneering spirit and a proactive approach to payments innovation. This extensive experience and proactive stance assure Azqore of Volante’s capability to support their ambitious modernization agenda. By leveraging Volante’s cutting-edge solutions, Azqore can confidently navigate the complexities of the modern financial landscape, ensuring both compliance and competitive advantage.

Enabling Strategic Growth

The fast-paced development of financial technology requires financial institutions to constantly update their systems and processes. This need arises from evolving customer expectations and changing regulatory requirements, which demand innovative and reliable solutions. Azqore, a prominent business and technology partner for wealth managers, recognizes this necessity. To stay ahead, they have decided to implement Volante Technologies’ Payments as a Service (PaaS) solution. This strategic move will bolster Azqore’s ability to provide SEPA instant payments and ISO 20022 messaging services, ensuring they remain at the cutting edge of payment system modernization. The partnership with Volante Technologies enables Azqore to offer more efficient, faster, and more secure payment processing, aligning with the global trend toward real-time payment solutions. In an increasingly competitive market, this collaboration stands as a testament to Azqore’s commitment to innovation and excellence, solidifying its position as a leader in the financial services industry.

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