Azqore and Volante Partner to Modernize Payments with Instant SEPA

In a landscape driven by constant technological advancement and stringent regulatory demands, the strategic partnership between Azqore and Volante Technologies seeks to deliver significant modernization to payment systems. This collaboration focuses on crucial aspects such as SEPA instant payments and ISO 20022 messaging services, both pivotal in meeting European regulatory deadlines and enhancing payment infrastructures.

Partnership and Purpose

Azqore has strategically chosen Volante Technologies’ Payments as a Service (PaaS) solution to implement SEPA instant payments and ISO 20022 messaging. This partnership is designed to help Azqore address evolving customer demands and stringent European Union regulations. By leveraging Volante’s comprehensive PaaS solution, Azqore aims to seamlessly integrate these new capabilities into its core banking infrastructure, thereby ensuring rapid compliance and enhanced service delivery.

Regulatory Compliance

The European Union’s aggressive deadlines for SEPA Instant Payments have prompted Azqore to find a solution that could be swiftly deployed and tightly integrated into its banking systems. Volante’s PaaS solution stands out for its efficiency in meeting these regulatory demands, enabling Azqore to navigate the complex compliance landscape. The partnership ensures that both companies remain at the forefront of regulatory technology, delivering solutions that not only meet compliance requirements but also drive operational excellence.

Technological Modernization

The collaboration between Azqore and Volante aims to expedite Azqore’s multi-country, multi-bank ISO 20022 adoption program. Transitioning to SEPA instant payments represents a critical milestone in Azqore’s broader strategy to modernize its payment systems. Volante’s cutting-edge technology provides Azqore with the necessary tools to efficiently transition and modernize, fostering a more adaptive and future-ready payment ecosystem.

Benefits of the Partnership

One of the primary benefits of this collaboration is the accelerated speed to market that Volante’s PaaS solution offers. Azqore can introduce new instant payments and ISO 20022 services more rapidly, meeting customer demands and staying ahead in a competitive market. Additionally, this partnership provides Azqore with a scalable and future-forward platform capable of accommodating new payment types and services, which paves the way for ongoing innovation and growth.

Statements from Executives

Executives from both companies have underscored the critical nature of this partnership. Anders Ohrneman, Head of IT Post-Trade & Operations at Azqore, emphasized the necessity for financial institutions to adapt to evolving customer demands and rapid regulatory changes. Belhassen Belkhechine, Payments & Operations Product Manager at Azqore, highlighted how Volante’s PaaS facilitates the quicker introduction of new services and establishes a foundation for future innovations. Deepak Gupta, EVP Product, Engineering & Services at Volante Technologies, stressed Volante’s ability to drive digital transformation in the payments ecosystem through their robust PaaS solution.

Innovative Track Record

Volante Technologies has an impressive history of delivering innovative payment solutions, having processed the first U.S. RTP (Real-Time Payments) transaction and the initial instant payment in Saudi Arabia. Their proven expertise ensures that this partnership with Azqore will produce substantial advancements in the payments landscape.

Overarching Trends

The collaboration between Azqore and Volante Technologies signifies broader industry trends toward digital transformation and modernization of payment systems. This partnership highlights the growing need for compliance with international standards like ISO 20022 and regional regulations such as SEPA, as banks and financial institutions strive to boost their infrastructure to meet the demands of a dynamic market and regulatory environment.

Final Findings

In an era marked by relentless technological progression and stringent regulatory demands, the strategic alliance between Azqore and Volante Technologies aims to bring significant modernization to payment systems. This partnership zeroes in on essential elements such as SEPA instant payments and ISO 20022 messaging services, both of which are vital for complying with European regulatory deadlines and improving payment infrastructures.

Azqore, a renowned player in the financial services industry, and Volante Technologies, a leader in payments and financial messaging, are combining forces to address the growing necessity for advanced payment solutions. By integrating their specialized expertise, they aim to deliver seamless, efficient, and compliant payment services.

The collaboration is expected to result in an enhanced payment landscape, offering better speed, accuracy, and compliance with evolving laws and standards. Financial institutions stand to benefit from this partnership through more robust, future-proof systems that can navigate the complexities of the modern regulatory environment. This initiative reinforces both companies’ commitment to innovation and regulatory adherence, setting a new standard in payment modernization.

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