Axle Secures $4 Million Seed Funding for Universal Insurance Verification API

Axle is a consumer permissioned insurance data company based in Atlanta, Georgia that has raised $4 million in its latest seed funding round. The company’s total funding now sits at $4.5 million. The round was led by Gradient Ventures with contributions from existing investor Y Combinator, Soma Capital, Contrary Capital, Rebel Fund, BLH Ventures, and others.

Axle connects individuals’ insurance accounts with companies that need to verify their insurance. The company’s universal API provides individuals with a way to quickly and easily provide proof-of-insurance to rental car companies, lenders, and gig services. The use of consumer-permissioned data is becoming increasingly popular in the fintech industry, and Axle is leveraging this trend to make insurance verification as seamless as possible.

Seed round contributors and total funding

The recent seed round brought in $4 million for Axle, elevating the company’s total funding to $4.5 million. Gradient Ventures, the venture capital arm of Google parent company Alphabet, led the round, which also included participation from several other investors.

A Brief History of Axle and Its Mission to Offer a Universal API

Axle was founded in 2022 with the goal of offering a universal API that allows individuals to connect their insurance account to companies seeking to verify their insurance. With Axle’s solution, individuals do not need to manually provide proof of insurance; companies can instantly access this information with the individual’s permission.

Benefits of Axle’s Tool for Rental Car Companies, Lenders, and Gig Services

Axle’s tool is a game-changer for rental car companies, lenders, and gig services. These companies often require quick and easy proof of insurance from their customers. With Axle’s API, they can obtain this information with ease and ensure that their customers are fully insured before engaging in any business with them. This creates a safer and more secure process for everyone involved.

The company’s carrier network and policy information support

Axle has a carrier network of hundreds of insurance carriers and supports policy information, including terms, insureds, premiums, and third parties. This ensures that companies can access an individual’s insurance information without delay and have confidence that the information they receive is up-to-date and accurate.

Funds Usage and Growth Plans

Axle plans to use the funding from the recent seed round to grow its team, servicing both new and existing demand from its ever-growing list of customers. The company also aims to strengthen its carrier network and expand into new markets.

Comparison to Plaid, a leading fintech facilitating data exchange

Plaid is perhaps the most well-known fintech company that facilitates consumer-permissioned data. Based in California, the company uses this data to facilitate the exchange of information between financial institutions and third-party applications. Axle also aspires to follow in Plaid’s footsteps and become a leading company that utilizes consumer-permissioned data to streamline financial processes.


Axle’s seed funding round has brought in an impressive $4 million, which the company aims to use to grow its business and expand its reach. With its universal API and carrier network, Axle has created a valuable tool that benefits both individuals and companies. As the use of consumer-permissioned data becomes even more widespread in the financial services industry, we expect to see more companies like Axle emerge and make processes that were once complicated and time-consuming much easier.

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